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Friday, June 21, 2013

3 Reasons to Check out Plaid Skinny Ties

If you are a man that likes to stay at the cutting edge of style then you might want to consider buying a few new ties to compliment your wardrobe. There are dozens of ways that you can really turn up your style with the right type of skinny tie. Ties look great when they are paired with dress slacks, casual slacks, and sometimes with the right set of jeans paired with a dress shirt and a pair of casual shoes. You just have to know how to piece together a great outfit that will work well with plaid skinny ties.

First off, if you have a basic casual look, then you might want to think about just pairing a nice stylish tie with jeans or khakis if you have a semi-casual occasion coming up. If you are going to try to pull this off you will need to make sure that you also use a belt with your pants. The shoes also should not be sneakers, with the possible exception of Converse All Stars (always appropriate for the quirky dresser) because when you toss a tie into the mix you are turning it up a bit, so make sure that you put on some nice loafers at the very least. Some nicely made casual oxfords can also add a really nice touch.

Of course, if you have to go to work on a daily basis and the dress code is semi-formal than the jeans are probably not going to be an option. You can, however, still go with a dress shirt and the khakis. You also might want to think about just buying some button down shirts that match the plaid skinny ties that you have, because sometimes a simple button down will be formal enough. The plus side is that the button down is much more comfortable and you can probably pick up some great contrasting colors that will really look great against your tie.

Finally, if you are actually dressing up for a formal occasion that demands you wear a full suit, then you can use plaid skinny ties to really spice up your look. Suits can get a bit dull as they are usually quite neutral in color, but if you choose a bright and vibrant set of ties you can instantly spruce up your look. When you see the bright colors shining through the edge of your suit coat you will be glad that you put some thought into a nice skinny tie. Plus, since the tie is thin instead of wide, it will not overwhelm the suit, making it the perfect combination for almost every suit.


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