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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Cowboy and His Tie

In the vast wilderness, men have served their Empire. The Roman Empire took pride in their appearance, as it represented the empire as a whole. Neck wear can be traced back to these ancient times, because neckwear was worn as a symbol of rank and allegiance. The modern style of the necktie can be traced back to the Thirty Year's War of the 1600's, when Parisians took an interest in the Croatian army fatigue. This is when the necktie became a fashion statement rather than army-wear. There are many ties out there, from the professional tie to the more casual type, but they all make a statement.

Few ties are as recognizable or make the statement “I’m an American and Proud of It” as well as the cowboy tie does.  It is the kind of tie that makes the wearer seem like the type of person who can take command and get things done. This truly gives off the right kind of statement to the world. Cowboy neckties have come to fame in a lot of classic Westerns, but it really is much more than just a mere fashion statement, but rather a symbol which represents the backbone of this country.

The cowboy necktie became extremely popular in the early 1980's, but it fizzled out and remained with those who have stayed true to their roots...the cowboys of America. Most proud cowboys actually personalize their ties to either symbolize their family's name or perhaps an animal to symbolize their work.

The cowboy necktie can tell a story; perhaps those are the most interesting of the bunch. As a satisfied and genuine cowboy wrote in a review, his tie tells the story of his mornings. The first section of his tie represented the sun over a plain landscape, which is something he enjoys every morning. The man said that the sun is always warm, and really allows him to feel energetic and ready for the day. The second section of his tie is of a man and his horse, which is something he can relate to as well. The man is 55, but says being on his horse makes him feel immortal. 

Another man wrote that his tie has only one image, a powerful image of a cowboy looking over his land as the sun slowly cascades over the horizon, as if the rays were trying to keep the sun shining. This man says that that cowboy represents him, the way he looks over his land, pondering tomorrow and proud of the road he has taken, which is a legacy his family can be proud of - that is what a cowboy tie is about. It respects and nourishes the life of the cowboy with an elegant yet simplistic message. Most ties represent nothing but prestige, but cowboy ties are made with something else; they are made with a little heart, which is what makes them special and essential for the cowboy.


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