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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fun Ties to the Rescue!

Ah, the necktie – the universal emblem of sartorial splendor. The perfect compliment to any suit. A staple of the uniform, symbol of professionalism, and oh, so very fun.

What? Fun? What’s so fun about a tie? As it turns out, there's a world full of fun ties. Neckties may have started out all business, but they’ve come a long way. Ties no longer have to represent rigid conformity as they once did. Rather, they can freely express individuality and humor while fitting seamlessly into the dress codes of most social settings.

Some social settings require a lighter touch, a hint of humor, a bit of jest. In a challenging situation, your neckwear can be so much more than your key accessory. It can be your secret weapon. Used to your advantage, a fun tie may be just what it takes to warm up the toughest audience. Imagine how a change in necktie might help in the following circumstances:

Yikes: The Mandatory Social/Business Engagement

Say, it’s five o’clock. You have to attend that tedious after-hours business function. You could wear your boring blue and blend in, or you might wear one with your alter ego on it. There he sits, the Pink Panther, debonair as ever, poised on a martini glass with a caption reading: “Happy Hour.” Even if your company isn’t fun, your tie will be.

The Big Meeting

Or imagine you have a big presentation to make with a huge agenda and an impossible mission. Time for super powers! Fun ties to the rescue. Don the Superman Logo tie with the S on it. Your tie will convey confidence and humor, a convincing combo to court allies and supporters.

The Reunion

Oh, no. High school reunion coming up? Wonder what you are going to say? Wear your conversation starter. With a great fun tie you have your automatic icebreaker, and talking to classmates and perfect strangers will be easier than ever.

Dinner With the In-Laws

If a long evening with relatives has you feeling gloomy, bring along a Looney Tune of your own. Invite your favorite Tazmanian Devil and get the party started. 

Who wouldn’t giggle at Garfield? Who doesn’t like Scooby Doo? Sometimes life calls for whimsy and nothing is more whimsical than cartoon characters where you’d least expect them.

Release Your Inner Rebel 

Sometimes you just have to wear the suit. And go along, get along, play along. All business. Well, maybe not all. Button down your collar, if you must, but wear your hog-riding Harley Davidson hot flame necktie when you do. Or how about that tie with the Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” logo?  Go ahead – let your freak flags fly!

There’s no reason you cannot make a fashion statement and a point at the very same time. In a world of same old, same old, here-we-go-again, bring a little party to the party. In a gathering of dull; be the one who makes it festive. You can be respectable, memorable and fun. Fun ties may be just the ticket to turn bor-r-r-r-r-ing into downright brilliant!


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