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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clip On Ties - Great for Toddlers

Parents often find their kids the cutest when they're playing dress up in adult attire that is over-sized or unique. The most pictures taken of a child are usually when they're the smallest; from the time to they're born to every school picture and special event.

Clip on ties can be worn for several different occasions for formal or semi-formal attire. It instantly dresses up a simple button-up shirt for a classic look that is adorable for any child. Toddlers can sport these eight-inch ties for school pictures or a holiday photo with the family. For toddlers that are appearing in weddings as ring bearers, clip on ties are perfect when they are in the wedding party and can easily be found to match the colors of the wedding. For Father's Day, toddlers can have their photo taken with their dad in a matching tie that will make for an unforgettable photo and a sweet reminder of their special relationship. If your toddler appears in a special performance or play, he can easily pair his tie with a fedora hat for a modern and fun look that will make him look like a mini adult. 

Regular ties that are manual and have to be tied around the neck are frustrating and a hassle for small kids, making clip ons convenient and more fun, which can prevent them from feeling uncomfortable while wearing it. They're easy to attach, with a simple metal clip and can easily be worn at church, to a formal restaurant, or for a special photo. The ties are comfortable, so they'll forget they're wearing it the minute it goes on, which will avoid having them wanting to pull it off or play with it..

There are several different styles and colors of toddler clip on ties for every occasion and outfit. Reds, blue hues, coral, lime, burgundy, light yellow, olive, navy, sage, brown, rust, gold, off white, kelly green, light pink, pink and orange are all available depending on the event. They can sport different colors for different days, such as for Christmas or Easter.

For siblings, matching clip on ties can be adorable and fun to match for a look that complements one another. Matching ties also look great on cousins who are having family photos taken and can each wear a different color.

When your toddler outgrows the eight-inch tie, it can easily be passed down to a younger brother who can look just as cute in the accessory in his own photos and for special events. When the kids get older, it'll be a great reminder of their childhood.

Toddler clip on ties are made from 100 percent polyester and look like they're actually tied around the neck for a great look that is affordable with a touch of innocence. They'll make your little dude look sophisticated and polished for a professional look that will be remembered, as he grows older, into a young man that may still prefer wearing a clip on tie.


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