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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be a Tiger With a Clemson Tie

 For members of the Clemson University alumni and fans of the Clemson Tigers, it's good to know that there is a website where they can easily order and purchase high quality men's silk ties that handsomely display Clemson pride.  Whenever and wherever fans and alumni of Clemson University gather, the high quality and stylish Clemson ties available here always make a great impression.  What is truly amazing is the extensive selection there is to choose from. 

The Clemson University Logo Repeat Tie is quite sharp and dashing. With the Clemson University tiger paw logo and the Clemson 'C' presented in an appealing shade of orange set against a black background, these ties always look great with any color or style of shirt. These ties are made of 100% silk and measure approximately 56"Lx3-3/4"W.

A wonderful Clemson University tie that is worn with pride by alumni and fans of all ages is the Clemson Nostalgia necktie. Set against a pastel goldish-yellow background is a football, baseball, basketball, book, Clemson pennant, a football helmet and baseball cap, football trophy and Clemson banner. This silk tie measures 56"x3-3/4".

The Clemson plaid tie is bright and lively, and will look good in any situation. Always a big hit at reunions and other alumni functions, these silk Clemson ties feature a distinctive and attractive large plaid design. Tiger paws and Clemson logos accentuate an eye-catching and appealing orange, blue, gray and white color scheme.

Three different types of Clemson Pattern ties are now available. These stylish men's ties are made of silk and measure in at approximately 56"x3-3/4". Pattern 1 features the Clemson 'C' and the tiger paw in a blue, orange and white striped pattern.

The Clemson Pattern 2 tie features a bold and dynamic, offset-square pattern that is presented in bright orange, grayish-white and purple. The Clemson Pattern 3 men's tie offers a striking and attractive orange, purple and white angular block design of the Clemson 'C' and the tiger paw.

Woven and polyester Clemson University ties are very popular with Clemson fans and alumni of all ages. The Clemson Woven 1 tie is made of woven silk and features angled lines of orange tigers paws set against a purple background. This men's tie measures 57"x3-3/4".

The Clemson Woven Polyester 1 tie features a diagonal orange and purple design with an orange tiger paw at the bottom. This men's tie measures 57"x3-3/4". The Clemson Woven Poly 2 tie features a purple background with criss-cross thin white boxes, which contain orange tiger paws.

No matter which one of these Clemson ties is worn to an event or function, it is sure to elicit positive comments and looks of approval. These ties are all so attractive that choosing just one will be difficult.


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