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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Perfect American Flag Necktie for Your Occasion

With the upcoming Memorial Day and July 4th holidays approaching, many people are shopping for patriotic clothes. From sunglasses, hats, t-shirts and bathing suits, the American flag is a popular symbol found on many forms of clothing and accessories. People love showing their American pride by wearing these items to holiday parties and cookouts. However, some may prefer something a bit more fun and formal such as an American flag necktie that can be worn to work, a business meeting, or out for a nice dinner.


Although neckties are not worn as much today as they were in the past, people still require them. Having classy options themed around patriotism is not as hard as people think. When dressing for work, it still is possible to wear a tie that shows the American flag. When wearing a standard suit for work, navy blue, black and gray can be dull. However, incorporating a fun tie in with the suit can add personality. There are many neckties which feature patriotic colors, which will perfectly match a work suit. Some of these ties might offer less obvious patriotic designs while others could feature larger versions. Either way, they are excellent ways to add color and style to a work or dress suit.

Even when on vacation for the Memorial Day weekend or July 4th vacation, it is common to head out for dinner at a nice restaurant. Cookouts and barbecues are standard mealtimes for these patriotic holidays, but it is still nice to head out for a more formal meal. Some restaurants, especially around certain vacation destinations, will require a nice tie and jacket. Although they don't require suits, a dress shirt, jacket and tie might be necessary. An American flag necktie offers the perfect amount of patriotism while on vacation. It's easy to dress up for an evening out without being too formal. Adding a tie with red, white, and blue creates a great look for your vacation's dinner out.

An American flag necktie can feature all sorts of designs. Some may feature large pictures of a bald eagle while others might have repeat patterns of very small flags. There are many neckties that picture stars and stripes with red, white, or blue backgrounds. There are many that are standard self-tied ties, but some are available in a clip-on style. With all the various looks, designs, colors and styles, there is definitely a patriotic tie that will suit every member of the United States of America!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be a Tiger With a Clemson Tie

 For members of the Clemson University alumni and fans of the Clemson Tigers, it's good to know that there is a website where they can easily order and purchase high quality men's silk ties that handsomely display Clemson pride.  Whenever and wherever fans and alumni of Clemson University gather, the high quality and stylish Clemson ties available here always make a great impression.  What is truly amazing is the extensive selection there is to choose from. 

The Clemson University Logo Repeat Tie is quite sharp and dashing. With the Clemson University tiger paw logo and the Clemson 'C' presented in an appealing shade of orange set against a black background, these ties always look great with any color or style of shirt. These ties are made of 100% silk and measure approximately 56"Lx3-3/4"W.

A wonderful Clemson University tie that is worn with pride by alumni and fans of all ages is the Clemson Nostalgia necktie. Set against a pastel goldish-yellow background is a football, baseball, basketball, book, Clemson pennant, a football helmet and baseball cap, football trophy and Clemson banner. This silk tie measures 56"x3-3/4".

The Clemson plaid tie is bright and lively, and will look good in any situation. Always a big hit at reunions and other alumni functions, these silk Clemson ties feature a distinctive and attractive large plaid design. Tiger paws and Clemson logos accentuate an eye-catching and appealing orange, blue, gray and white color scheme.

Three different types of Clemson Pattern ties are now available. These stylish men's ties are made of silk and measure in at approximately 56"x3-3/4". Pattern 1 features the Clemson 'C' and the tiger paw in a blue, orange and white striped pattern.

The Clemson Pattern 2 tie features a bold and dynamic, offset-square pattern that is presented in bright orange, grayish-white and purple. The Clemson Pattern 3 men's tie offers a striking and attractive orange, purple and white angular block design of the Clemson 'C' and the tiger paw.

Woven and polyester Clemson University ties are very popular with Clemson fans and alumni of all ages. The Clemson Woven 1 tie is made of woven silk and features angled lines of orange tigers paws set against a purple background. This men's tie measures 57"x3-3/4".

The Clemson Woven Polyester 1 tie features a diagonal orange and purple design with an orange tiger paw at the bottom. This men's tie measures 57"x3-3/4". The Clemson Woven Poly 2 tie features a purple background with criss-cross thin white boxes, which contain orange tiger paws.

No matter which one of these Clemson ties is worn to an event or function, it is sure to elicit positive comments and looks of approval. These ties are all so attractive that choosing just one will be difficult.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aviation Ties

For any time of the year, whether it be Christmas or Father's Day, or even his special birthday, aviation ties create a sense of whimsy, fun, and quirky masculine style that any man is sure to love. These great ties are vibrant and designed to show off his personality any time he wears one, and come in a variety of styles to suit any dad, grandfather, uncle, brother, or husband best. 

Great aviation ties are full of color, detail, and
make any man feel like he is in the cockpit of his own private flight. These ties are great for the pilot in any man, whether he is an avid collector of model airplanes, loves to fly, or just enjoys adding on to his current tie collection. With several styles of these ties to choose from, there is certain to be the perfect tie for any man to absolutely love! 

A great aviation tie is the airplane instrument tie. This tie carries a vintage look, with detailed illustrations of airplane dials, buttons, and other necessary equipment needed in the cockpit of any plane. This 100% silk tie is very delicately detailed, and people will love to admire this tie that is both fashionable and educational at the same time. This tie is perfect for the man who loves to learn about how planes work, and is a great gift for any model plane enthusiast. 

Another beautiful and fun tie is the vibrantly detailed aviation classic aircraft tie. For the man who has ever served his country, follows traditional aircraft to modern day, or just for the man who loves something unique, this amazing tie tells a story every time it is worn. 100% silk and featuring hundreds of aircraft, every time he wears this beautiful and masculine tie he will learn something new.

These wonderful ties make a great gift for the man who loves to be fashionable while being able to indulge his love of anything related to aviation. From feeling like he is the pilot of his own aircraft to having a tie that is a certain conversation piece, these aviation ties are sure to be a pleasing gift for any man of any age. Anyone looking for that perfect gift this year can indulge a man they care about with an aviation tie that he will absolutely love. When it comes to ties, these ones are absolutely stunning.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fun Ties to the Rescue!

Ah, the necktie – the universal emblem of sartorial splendor. The perfect compliment to any suit. A staple of the uniform, symbol of professionalism, and oh, so very fun.

What? Fun? What’s so fun about a tie? As it turns out, there's a world full of fun ties. Neckties may have started out all business, but they’ve come a long way. Ties no longer have to represent rigid conformity as they once did. Rather, they can freely express individuality and humor while fitting seamlessly into the dress codes of most social settings.

Some social settings require a lighter touch, a hint of humor, a bit of jest. In a challenging situation, your neckwear can be so much more than your key accessory. It can be your secret weapon. Used to your advantage, a fun tie may be just what it takes to warm up the toughest audience. Imagine how a change in necktie might help in the following circumstances:

Yikes: The Mandatory Social/Business Engagement

Say, it’s five o’clock. You have to attend that tedious after-hours business function. You could wear your boring blue and blend in, or you might wear one with your alter ego on it. There he sits, the Pink Panther, debonair as ever, poised on a martini glass with a caption reading: “Happy Hour.” Even if your company isn’t fun, your tie will be.

The Big Meeting

Or imagine you have a big presentation to make with a huge agenda and an impossible mission. Time for super powers! Fun ties to the rescue. Don the Superman Logo tie with the S on it. Your tie will convey confidence and humor, a convincing combo to court allies and supporters.

The Reunion

Oh, no. High school reunion coming up? Wonder what you are going to say? Wear your conversation starter. With a great fun tie you have your automatic icebreaker, and talking to classmates and perfect strangers will be easier than ever.

Dinner With the In-Laws

If a long evening with relatives has you feeling gloomy, bring along a Looney Tune of your own. Invite your favorite Tazmanian Devil and get the party started. 

Who wouldn’t giggle at Garfield? Who doesn’t like Scooby Doo? Sometimes life calls for whimsy and nothing is more whimsical than cartoon characters where you’d least expect them.

Release Your Inner Rebel 

Sometimes you just have to wear the suit. And go along, get along, play along. All business. Well, maybe not all. Button down your collar, if you must, but wear your hog-riding Harley Davidson hot flame necktie when you do. Or how about that tie with the Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” logo?  Go ahead – let your freak flags fly!

There’s no reason you cannot make a fashion statement and a point at the very same time. In a world of same old, same old, here-we-go-again, bring a little party to the party. In a gathering of dull; be the one who makes it festive. You can be respectable, memorable and fun. Fun ties may be just the ticket to turn bor-r-r-r-r-ing into downright brilliant!

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Cowboy and His Tie

In the vast wilderness, men have served their Empire. The Roman Empire took pride in their appearance, as it represented the empire as a whole. Neck wear can be traced back to these ancient times, because neckwear was worn as a symbol of rank and allegiance. The modern style of the necktie can be traced back to the Thirty Year's War of the 1600's, when Parisians took an interest in the Croatian army fatigue. This is when the necktie became a fashion statement rather than army-wear. There are many ties out there, from the professional tie to the more casual type, but they all make a statement.

Few ties are as recognizable or make the statement “I’m an American and Proud of It” as well as the cowboy tie does.  It is the kind of tie that makes the wearer seem like the type of person who can take command and get things done. This truly gives off the right kind of statement to the world. Cowboy neckties have come to fame in a lot of classic Westerns, but it really is much more than just a mere fashion statement, but rather a symbol which represents the backbone of this country.

The cowboy necktie became extremely popular in the early 1980's, but it fizzled out and remained with those who have stayed true to their roots...the cowboys of America. Most proud cowboys actually personalize their ties to either symbolize their family's name or perhaps an animal to symbolize their work.

The cowboy necktie can tell a story; perhaps those are the most interesting of the bunch. As a satisfied and genuine cowboy wrote in a review, his tie tells the story of his mornings. The first section of his tie represented the sun over a plain landscape, which is something he enjoys every morning. The man said that the sun is always warm, and really allows him to feel energetic and ready for the day. The second section of his tie is of a man and his horse, which is something he can relate to as well. The man is 55, but says being on his horse makes him feel immortal. 

Another man wrote that his tie has only one image, a powerful image of a cowboy looking over his land as the sun slowly cascades over the horizon, as if the rays were trying to keep the sun shining. This man says that that cowboy represents him, the way he looks over his land, pondering tomorrow and proud of the road he has taken, which is a legacy his family can be proud of - that is what a cowboy tie is about. It respects and nourishes the life of the cowboy with an elegant yet simplistic message. Most ties represent nothing but prestige, but cowboy ties are made with something else; they are made with a little heart, which is what makes them special and essential for the cowboy.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clip On Ties - Great for Toddlers

Parents often find their kids the cutest when they're playing dress up in adult attire that is over-sized or unique. The most pictures taken of a child are usually when they're the smallest; from the time to they're born to every school picture and special event.

Clip on ties can be worn for several different occasions for formal or semi-formal attire. It instantly dresses up a simple button-up shirt for a classic look that is adorable for any child. Toddlers can sport these eight-inch ties for school pictures or a holiday photo with the family. For toddlers that are appearing in weddings as ring bearers, clip on ties are perfect when they are in the wedding party and can easily be found to match the colors of the wedding. For Father's Day, toddlers can have their photo taken with their dad in a matching tie that will make for an unforgettable photo and a sweet reminder of their special relationship. If your toddler appears in a special performance or play, he can easily pair his tie with a fedora hat for a modern and fun look that will make him look like a mini adult. 

Regular ties that are manual and have to be tied around the neck are frustrating and a hassle for small kids, making clip ons convenient and more fun, which can prevent them from feeling uncomfortable while wearing it. They're easy to attach, with a simple metal clip and can easily be worn at church, to a formal restaurant, or for a special photo. The ties are comfortable, so they'll forget they're wearing it the minute it goes on, which will avoid having them wanting to pull it off or play with it..

There are several different styles and colors of toddler clip on ties for every occasion and outfit. Reds, blue hues, coral, lime, burgundy, light yellow, olive, navy, sage, brown, rust, gold, off white, kelly green, light pink, pink and orange are all available depending on the event. They can sport different colors for different days, such as for Christmas or Easter.

For siblings, matching clip on ties can be adorable and fun to match for a look that complements one another. Matching ties also look great on cousins who are having family photos taken and can each wear a different color.

When your toddler outgrows the eight-inch tie, it can easily be passed down to a younger brother who can look just as cute in the accessory in his own photos and for special events. When the kids get older, it'll be a great reminder of their childhood.

Toddler clip on ties are made from 100 percent polyester and look like they're actually tied around the neck for a great look that is affordable with a touch of innocence. They'll make your little dude look sophisticated and polished for a professional look that will be remembered, as he grows older, into a young man that may still prefer wearing a clip on tie.