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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Artistic Ties Can Brighten Up Your Day

When looking for a more unique tie, Salvador Dali ties provide something new and refreshing. The interesting designs on this hallucinogenic necktie will stand out in a crowd, and make a cool edition to any wardrobe. The colors and patterns on this tie are very artistic, and they have the imprint of a beautiful image containing several figures on the front. These are easy ties to pair with any outfit, and they are something different than a run of the mill tie.

Also, the Salvador Dali ties are made completely from silk, and they are a high quality item to add to any wardrobe. They are 56 inches wide, and 4 inches wide. These are standard sizes and they are easy to pair with a suit or even a nice shirt. In addition, these ties make a wonderful gift for those who like art.

Salvador Dali ties aren't the only artists represented on neckties. Those who enjoy Van Gogh can choose to get a tie with his self-portrait on the front or one with his famous sunflowers.  It is mainly blue, and that makes it easy to match to many other pieces of clothing. It is also made of silk.  There are also several ties with DaVinci designs, one with Mona Lisa and others with Leonardo’s sketches of the human form in very harmonious shades of tan and blue, or sketches of his inventions in parchment with black.  If the “Old Masters” are your thing, you can choose from Michelangelo’s David, Botticelli’s Venus or Raphael’s Galatea.

If the Impressionists are your preference, Monet’s Waterlilies necktie might be what you’re looking for, and it is also a lovely combination of blues and whites, which makes it easy to coordinate with other clothes.  If you prefer Renoir or Cezanne, these artists are also well represented on neckties.

Many people have to wear neckties to work everyday, but there is no reason that they can't be unique. Choosing an artistic necktie is a way to add a unique quality to your wardrobe and show off some individuality. These are high quality ties, and works of art in their own right. There are many options for famous paintings, and most art lovers can find a tie that suits their tastes. These also make great gifts for those who are interested in art, and they are gifts that people will remember forever.

There is nothing like a distinctive tie for livening up what would otherwise be a boring business suit.


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