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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Red, White and Blue You

Sometimes mens more formal attire can feel somewhat limiting. Business clothing generally needs to be dark or muted colors and that can leave men with few opportunities to make any real fashion decisions. A special tie, however, can be what sets you apart from a group. A well-chosen tie will always ensure that you look smart and professional. Pair this with your patriotic passion and you will exude both style and confidence. Since Flag lapel pins have become somewhat controversial in our PC world, how does one show some perfectly healthy allegiance to one’s country?  Why not wear a tie that shows your true colors. While some patriotic ties can be a bit flashy, there are others that feature very subtle prints and designs that incorporate the symbols of America quite beautifully into stylish stripes or all-over designs.

Patriotic ties for men are a great way to add a subtle hint of patriotism to your outfit without looking obvious. Whether you are a proud American citizen, a recent immigrant wanting to show off your red, white and blue pride, or a visitor enjoying your time in the United States, ties are one of the few accessories available to men for showing their creative side. A tie can also make a fantastic souvenir or gift to purchase for a friend or colleague. They are affordable, easy to pack and sophisticated. An American themed tie can be an extremely sentimental token of gratitude to give to a veteran or soldier. 

Men have few opportunities to accessorize or exert some creativity with their wardrobe. However, selecting your tie is one part of your outfit where picking out something slightly flashier is not thought of as tacky, but still considered to be business appropriate. Patriotic ties for men are no longer limited to your "one size fits all" standard American flag. There is a whole gamut of styles, prints and fabrics available to suit whatever your needs or desires might be. 

For those who are feeling more daring, try selecting a slightly more outgoing pattern for special holidays or events, such as Independence Day or Veterans Day. Larger print flags or brighter blues and reds can bring together a well-chosen outfit as a pleasing focal point. 

Patriotic ties are also fantastic to have for parties or other social gatherings. They make excellent conversation starters and can also serve as a way to find other like-minded patriotic individuals. Feel proud and confident of your homeland by showing off America's stars and stripes. 

While there are many designs of regular ties to chose from, there are also bow ties, suspenders, scarves, cufflinks and tie bars that can all reflect your positive feelings and love of country. As with any other tie, patriotic ties come in many different materials to choose from.

If you'd like to get a closer look at some patriotic accessories for men, click here.  Absolute Ties has an incredible collection of unique ties, socks and accessories for the well-dressed person.


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