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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Kentucky Derby is Right Around the Corner, and Here's the Perfect Tie!

Some guys just have everything, which can make it difficult to get those men a present most of the year. Whatever the occasion may be, any man who loves horse racing will fall in love with horse racing ties that show his love of this time-honored American tradition. The perfect clothing accessory for any horse lover as well, a racing tie is an exciting and unique gift that any man would love to have any time of the year. Seeing as to how the Kentucky Derby is right around the corner, this tie might come in handy and be quite timely.

Horse racing ties feature a racing image that repeats in pattern for the length of the tie. The border is a masculine light blue and black combination, which creates a great contrast to the beautiful chestnut horses and their eager jockeys racing their steeds to the grand finish. Each jockey is complete in uniform, from his riding crop to his helmet, in vibrant colors of blues and reds. 

The images portrayed vary, so that the patterns are not too repetitive in style. Each tie is 100% polyester and measures around 56 inches long and is 3-3 3/4 inches wide, allowing any man who wears it to feel comfortable and know that he is sporting something both fashionable and fun at the same time. These ties work well with any style of shirt, from a fancy button up shirt to a plain casual button up t-shirt.

Horse racing ties are a fun and unique gift to give to any man for Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, his birthday, or even for a simple celebration. In choosing to display his love of horses and horse racing, any giver of a horse racing tie is sure to win the heart of the recipient. While not every man may be easy to shop for, any man who loves horse racing will be completely surprised and pleased to add a handsome tie like this one to his collection.

Even the casual tie collector can take advantage of a beautiful tie featuring horse racing. From the simple collector who would just like something new in his plethora of ties to the fashionable gentleman who would like something unique to wear to work and other events, a tie of this nature is sure to please any man. For anyone who is at a loss as to what to get the man in their life this year, a horse racing tie may be just the ticket, and with a tie like this, they just may come out the real winner in giving one!


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