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Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to Make a Dedicated Fisherman Happier in a Suit & Tie

When we put together our attire, there is always the question as to what we should wear for the event. Naturally, different occasions require a different ensemble, which simply means that we should be mindful as to why we are attending the event in the first place. On the other hand, many people like to express themselves by the way they dress, which is why someone who enjoys spending time with a rod and reel, would be at home choosing from one of several fish neckties.

There is a large cross section of the population that will admit they enjoy spending time fishing and while there is nothing wrong with that, at some point in time, these very same individuals must venture out into the world, dressed to impress. It may not always be a party; in fact it could simply be a dinner date with a friend. These are instances where a fish tie pin could make the individual feel a lot more comfortable about having to put on a suit.

When it comes time to consider dressing to impress, what one person considers as impressive, may not meet the same standards as another. This does not mean to suggest that one method is right, while the other is wrong. Dressing for a special evening will differ based on who we are, but if you are trying to catch the eyes of other people, sport fishing silk ties will be a great way to get your friends talking about their success, the last time they were on the water.

Most people who put on a suit, do so because the event that they are getting ready to attend is important enough to merit wearing one. There are many people who are simply not comfortable with wearing this much clothing and quite a few of them would prefer to be out fishing. We can't spend our days and nights on the water though, so the next time your wife informs you that you have to dress up for a wedding, pull out a tie that represents some of your favorite lures. It is entirely possible that there will be another fisherman at the event who will notice that tie of yours with the swirling trout on it, strike up a conversation about fly fishing with you
, and help the time fly by at an event that would otherwise have been uninteresting for both of you.

We live in a world where our tastes vary dramatically, as do our opinions on what kind of attire is appropriate for which occasion. It is clear that we should all be ready to take part in activities that surround our family and with that in mind, why not make those times a little more palatable for the casual dressing fisherman in your life by adding a few fish neckties that he can relate to his hobby.


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