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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blue Paisley Ties Add a Touch of Distinction and Sophistication

There are certain occasions and places where a man needs to wear a tie. A tie adds elegance and distinction to the suit it is worn with. Ties come in various colors and patterns designed to coordinate with the suit the man wears and also to reflect his personality. There are some ties which have classic patterns used in new and artistic ways. The blue paisley ties are available in both classic and trendy styles. The classic paisley print uses a series of fleur de lis motifs, teardrops and swirls. These shapes will be printed onto the fabric the tie is made of.

Men looking for a sophisticated blue tie with a paisley print could choose the item made of microfiber with a satin finish. This elegant tie is designed with diagonal strips made of the paisley print. The colors used for this pattern include a deep ocean blue on a background of black with a light gray on a background of royal blue. This distinctive tie could be worn to a formal event or to the office. This particular style is part of a set, which includes a matching handkerchief. The handkerchief is placed in the front breast pocket of the suit so a triangular shaped corner protrudes. 

The array of styles found in the category of blue paisley ties also includes some subdued designs. The tie made with a solid colored royal blue background is embellished with the addition of a subtle blue paisley print made a few shades lighter than the background. This print does not run the entire length of the tie, but ends a few inches from the tip to add a touch of sophistication to the style. This tie could be paired with a light blue, gray or white shirt.

Men who want to show their fun side can choose one of the more colorful styles of ties made with a blue paisley pattern. The pink and blue print uses a light shade of blue on a deep blue background with a subtle rose colored shade as well. This color combination could be paired with a brown, light blue or navy colored suit. The subtle pink shade used to create the swirl shapes would accent a rose colored shirt. This style also comes with a matching handkerchief and is made of microfiber material. The microfiber material used to create today's stylish ties is designed to resist wrinkles so the tie will remain crisp, clean and professional looking.


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