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Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Neckties - Absolutely Adorable

One of the perks of being a parent is being able to dress up children and make them look adorable. However, this is not something that only the parents of little girls can do, since there are also options for making young boys look dashing as well. When taking them to an event, what parent doesn’t want their sweet baby boy looking good? Baby neckties are a great way to make them look both cute and dressy. Paired with any nice baby dress shirt and little pair of pants, it makes a great gift for any parent. They are also a great option for those who want to start taking their baby to more formal occasions. Whether the occasion is a family wedding or just a special Sunday at church, why not have your little man look his best?

These are very small ties, so parents should make sure that they know what length they are going to need and measure carefully. They are 8 inches long, which is the perfect length for many little men. Given that they are clip on ties, parents don't need to worry about the difficulty of trying to tie a baby necktie. They are also much safer this way, and parents don't have to worry about having something around the neck of their baby. These are made of polyester, and they will able to stand up to all of the moving around and wiggling that the baby may do.

These baby neckties come in a variety of different colors. This means that parents will be able to match them to almost any outfit. However, it is important to make sure that the baby is the right size to wear these ties, since little ones do grow so quickly. They are reasonably priced, so don’t feel like you’re being truly extravagant - it is usually easy to find another baby to pass them down to once your baby boy outgrows these ties. Parents can even coordinate the baby's outfit with their own, and the tie is a great accessory to pull the outfit together.

Finding something for a baby boy to wear to a formal event doesn't have to be a chore. Using a baby tie is something that is easy to do, as it simply clips to the collar of their shirt. It is safe to use, and it will make the child look adorable. There are colors that will be able to match every outfit and any occasion. Everyone will love to see a baby all dressed up. These make a great gift for parents as well, and might be a really cute shower gift if your budget is tight and the family already knows the baby will be a boy.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Kentucky Derby is Right Around the Corner, and Here's the Perfect Tie!

Some guys just have everything, which can make it difficult to get those men a present most of the year. Whatever the occasion may be, any man who loves horse racing will fall in love with horse racing ties that show his love of this time-honored American tradition. The perfect clothing accessory for any horse lover as well, a racing tie is an exciting and unique gift that any man would love to have any time of the year. Seeing as to how the Kentucky Derby is right around the corner, this tie might come in handy and be quite timely.

Horse racing ties feature a racing image that repeats in pattern for the length of the tie. The border is a masculine light blue and black combination, which creates a great contrast to the beautiful chestnut horses and their eager jockeys racing their steeds to the grand finish. Each jockey is complete in uniform, from his riding crop to his helmet, in vibrant colors of blues and reds. 

The images portrayed vary, so that the patterns are not too repetitive in style. Each tie is 100% polyester and measures around 56 inches long and is 3-3 3/4 inches wide, allowing any man who wears it to feel comfortable and know that he is sporting something both fashionable and fun at the same time. These ties work well with any style of shirt, from a fancy button up shirt to a plain casual button up t-shirt.

Horse racing ties are a fun and unique gift to give to any man for Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, his birthday, or even for a simple celebration. In choosing to display his love of horses and horse racing, any giver of a horse racing tie is sure to win the heart of the recipient. While not every man may be easy to shop for, any man who loves horse racing will be completely surprised and pleased to add a handsome tie like this one to his collection.

Even the casual tie collector can take advantage of a beautiful tie featuring horse racing. From the simple collector who would just like something new in his plethora of ties to the fashionable gentleman who would like something unique to wear to work and other events, a tie of this nature is sure to please any man. For anyone who is at a loss as to what to get the man in their life this year, a horse racing tie may be just the ticket, and with a tie like this, they just may come out the real winner in giving one!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Artistic Ties Can Brighten Up Your Day

When looking for a more unique tie, Salvador Dali ties provide something new and refreshing. The interesting designs on this hallucinogenic necktie will stand out in a crowd, and make a cool edition to any wardrobe. The colors and patterns on this tie are very artistic, and they have the imprint of a beautiful image containing several figures on the front. These are easy ties to pair with any outfit, and they are something different than a run of the mill tie.

Also, the Salvador Dali ties are made completely from silk, and they are a high quality item to add to any wardrobe. They are 56 inches wide, and 4 inches wide. These are standard sizes and they are easy to pair with a suit or even a nice shirt. In addition, these ties make a wonderful gift for those who like art.

Salvador Dali ties aren't the only artists represented on neckties. Those who enjoy Van Gogh can choose to get a tie with his self-portrait on the front or one with his famous sunflowers.  It is mainly blue, and that makes it easy to match to many other pieces of clothing. It is also made of silk.  There are also several ties with DaVinci designs, one with Mona Lisa and others with Leonardo’s sketches of the human form in very harmonious shades of tan and blue, or sketches of his inventions in parchment with black.  If the “Old Masters” are your thing, you can choose from Michelangelo’s David, Botticelli’s Venus or Raphael’s Galatea.

If the Impressionists are your preference, Monet’s Waterlilies necktie might be what you’re looking for, and it is also a lovely combination of blues and whites, which makes it easy to coordinate with other clothes.  If you prefer Renoir or Cezanne, these artists are also well represented on neckties.

Many people have to wear neckties to work everyday, but there is no reason that they can't be unique. Choosing an artistic necktie is a way to add a unique quality to your wardrobe and show off some individuality. These are high quality ties, and works of art in their own right. There are many options for famous paintings, and most art lovers can find a tie that suits their tastes. These also make great gifts for those who are interested in art, and they are gifts that people will remember forever.

There is nothing like a distinctive tie for livening up what would otherwise be a boring business suit.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blue Paisley Ties Add a Touch of Distinction and Sophistication

There are certain occasions and places where a man needs to wear a tie. A tie adds elegance and distinction to the suit it is worn with. Ties come in various colors and patterns designed to coordinate with the suit the man wears and also to reflect his personality. There are some ties which have classic patterns used in new and artistic ways. The blue paisley ties are available in both classic and trendy styles. The classic paisley print uses a series of fleur de lis motifs, teardrops and swirls. These shapes will be printed onto the fabric the tie is made of.

Men looking for a sophisticated blue tie with a paisley print could choose the item made of microfiber with a satin finish. This elegant tie is designed with diagonal strips made of the paisley print. The colors used for this pattern include a deep ocean blue on a background of black with a light gray on a background of royal blue. This distinctive tie could be worn to a formal event or to the office. This particular style is part of a set, which includes a matching handkerchief. The handkerchief is placed in the front breast pocket of the suit so a triangular shaped corner protrudes. 

The array of styles found in the category of blue paisley ties also includes some subdued designs. The tie made with a solid colored royal blue background is embellished with the addition of a subtle blue paisley print made a few shades lighter than the background. This print does not run the entire length of the tie, but ends a few inches from the tip to add a touch of sophistication to the style. This tie could be paired with a light blue, gray or white shirt.

Men who want to show their fun side can choose one of the more colorful styles of ties made with a blue paisley pattern. The pink and blue print uses a light shade of blue on a deep blue background with a subtle rose colored shade as well. This color combination could be paired with a brown, light blue or navy colored suit. The subtle pink shade used to create the swirl shapes would accent a rose colored shirt. This style also comes with a matching handkerchief and is made of microfiber material. The microfiber material used to create today's stylish ties is designed to resist wrinkles so the tie will remain crisp, clean and professional looking.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You Don’t Have to Wear a Bowtie With That Tux

The necktie is a descendant from the early 1600 cravat worn by Croatian mercenaries in service for France. The cravat style of neckwear took off in France and Europe and has been transformed through the years. The Croatian's today celebrate the necktie history being tied to Croatia with an annual celebration in October and is also celebrated in other European and Asian cities. 

The terminology necktie came into existence in 1840 with a design look of a piece of fabric wrapped around the neck and hanging down. American fashion designer and the fashionable men of 1850 began wearing neckties redesigned. The main fabric for neckties included linen, silk rayon, wool and poplin in the 1940's and by the 50's neckties were designed in varying colors and an array of patterns. The 1960 look of neckties was being worn mainly as part of the office attire and in church on Sundays. 

Formal neckties have had a resurgence of late and are being worn at special occasions and events. It is part of the formal wear at weddings, black tie events, proms, banquets, corporate affairs, the Red Carpet and special holidays. Neckties chosen for those formal events can be customized in true elegance and lengths to match a formal outfit, like a tuxedo.

Modern formal neckties are widely worn as formal ties that include bolo styles, button covers and ascots. More like a regular tie, cravats, also known as formal neckties, are so smartly designed in striking colors and fabrics, that they are highly acceptable in place of bowties at formal events. Since they come in so many vivid colors, and can usually be found with matching vests, handkerchiefs and cummerbunds, many young men who are wearing formal clothes for the first time when attending their high school proms, pick a color for those accessories that coordinates with their date’s prom dress.  Certainly this has become “de rigueur” for wedding parties, with special colors for the groomsmen and best man that coordinate with the dresses of the bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor.

Formal wear, even in neckties, has become more flexible, even at black tie affairs. Individuality and being contemporary is the norm for modern formal necktie wear. Formal eveningwear still requires a tuxedo or a nice dark suit. The accompaniment and accessories include the traditional white shirt, dark socks and shoes, as well as a dark tie to complement the entire outfit. Modern formal ties are brightly colored with a matching handkerchief, but the tie must be of the highest quality. Silk, brocade, or metallic blends and fabrics are the modern acceptable look, highlighted with the right knot, preferably in the classic style.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to Make a Dedicated Fisherman Happier in a Suit & Tie

When we put together our attire, there is always the question as to what we should wear for the event. Naturally, different occasions require a different ensemble, which simply means that we should be mindful as to why we are attending the event in the first place. On the other hand, many people like to express themselves by the way they dress, which is why someone who enjoys spending time with a rod and reel, would be at home choosing from one of several fish neckties.

There is a large cross section of the population that will admit they enjoy spending time fishing and while there is nothing wrong with that, at some point in time, these very same individuals must venture out into the world, dressed to impress. It may not always be a party; in fact it could simply be a dinner date with a friend. These are instances where a fish tie pin could make the individual feel a lot more comfortable about having to put on a suit.

When it comes time to consider dressing to impress, what one person considers as impressive, may not meet the same standards as another. This does not mean to suggest that one method is right, while the other is wrong. Dressing for a special evening will differ based on who we are, but if you are trying to catch the eyes of other people, sport fishing silk ties will be a great way to get your friends talking about their success, the last time they were on the water.

Most people who put on a suit, do so because the event that they are getting ready to attend is important enough to merit wearing one. There are many people who are simply not comfortable with wearing this much clothing and quite a few of them would prefer to be out fishing. We can't spend our days and nights on the water though, so the next time your wife informs you that you have to dress up for a wedding, pull out a tie that represents some of your favorite lures. It is entirely possible that there will be another fisherman at the event who will notice that tie of yours with the swirling trout on it, strike up a conversation about fly fishing with you
, and help the time fly by at an event that would otherwise have been uninteresting for both of you.

We live in a world where our tastes vary dramatically, as do our opinions on what kind of attire is appropriate for which occasion. It is clear that we should all be ready to take part in activities that surround our family and with that in mind, why not make those times a little more palatable for the casual dressing fisherman in your life by adding a few fish neckties that he can relate to his hobby.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Antique Medicine Bottles - Just What the Doctor Ordered

The earliest antique medical bottles contained dried herbs steeped in liquid. Later, cobalt blue bottles filled with Ayer's Hair Vigor and the green-tinted Ayer's Cherry Pectoral medicine would come along. From beautiful emerald green bottles of gargling oil to light blue cough syrup to the not-so-appealing amber bottle of malt and cod liver compound, the apothecary had a rainbow on display in his shop window.

Tall, slender glass bottles of opium stood alongside squat stoneware jugs of microbe killers and short, wide-mouthed jars of Prentice Tooth Powder. Paper labels touted Celery Bitters and Syrup of Wild Cherry, Artic Lung Syrup and Downings Worm Destroyer along with Badger Toothache Drops. Antique medical bottles of embossed glass with pharmacy and druggist names held concoctions of Humphrey's Marvel of Healing, Turlington's Balsam of Life and True Daffy's Elixir.

Cork and glass stoppers and metal lids sealed in remedies like sodium bicarbonate tablets, camphorated oil, and mustard compound. There were liniments, catarrhs, tonics and elixirs, salves and salts and Sarsaparilla.  
If the snake oils in the bottles, things like Strychnine and Arsenous Acid, did not kill the patient, they may actually end up getting better. Of course, there were special medicines for women. Velvetina skin beautifier, Begg's Alabaster Balm, Mornidine, and Lydia Pinkham's vegetable compound were available to treat the delicate conditions of women. 

Today antique medicine bottles are highly collectible and vary in price depending on their condition, uniqueness and details. Bitters bottles and apothecary bottles command high prices and are wonderful additions for the serious collector. Many people prize the labels with their descriptions of miracle cures. Still others use the antique medical bottles to display flower arrangements on windowsills.

These bottles are also important pieces of history, often telling the dreadful results of the medical 'practice', like the results of death from Cyanide and Arsenic and overdoses of Carbolic Acid. They show the way people looked at women as the delicate fairer sex, and how liniment was 'good for man and beast'.

These little bits of history and nostalgia have been captured on a beautiful silk tie. Antique medicine bottles with a maroon background on a quality 100% silk tie are the perfect conversation starters. They are appropriate for doctors and pharmacists today, a welcome reminder of how far the medical field has progressed. They are also wonderful for museum curators and collectors, images of those pieces they have already acquired or still hope to acquire. It is safe to say that the medical bottles of old will be highly collectible even to future generations.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your Heart on Your Sleeve and Art Around Your Neck

If you love art, what better way to show it than by wearing it? Although women usually have all the fun in fashion, men get their chance as well with colorful, beautiful art neckties. Neckties are a sophisticated accessory and are often, for men, the best way for them to express themselves through their wardrobes. And if the necktie actually depicts a work of art, it will enhance the artistic expression of its wearer even more.

There is no end to the variety of art you can find depicted on a necktie. The most common approach is to reproduce art masterpieces onto fine art neckties, similar to posters or lithographs. The most popular of these depict works by Monet, Van Gogh, DaVinci, Toulouse Lautrec, Picasso, Cezanne and other popular artists. Many of these are works of art in themselves, reproduced onto the finest silks and hand sewn. 

Another way to make art into neckties is for an artist to create original works directly onto the ties themselves. The method can involve hand painting on silk using acrylic paint, oils or pen and ink, or by airbrushing or silk screening. All of these techniques create unique, and uniquely beautiful, neckwear.

Fashion is often influenced directly by art and is a way for the wearer to display style and personality. Wearable artwork is a literal interpretation of the desire we all share to express ourselves. And the trend has been around for a long time.

Salvador Dali was actually the first to turn art into ties. He made ties, called “Dali Ties”, that were exact reproductions of his paintings. He believed all people, not just those who were wealthy enough to afford his original art, should appreciate art and that neckwear was the perfect way to make that happen. His foresight led to the wide range of accessible, wearable art images we enjoy today.

Other styles of art ties have appeared and become popular in the past few decades. In the 1970s, Peter Max started making beautiful, fine Italian silk ties from his colorful, psychedelic designs. They are now hot collectors’ items. And nowadays, the most popular images in art history, including Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, the “Mona Lisa” and just about anything else you can think of, are all available to wear in the form of art ties.

In a less classic vein, contemporary artists such as Keith Haring and rocker-turned-artist Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead also had their work made into neckties. These non-conformist pieces became even more popular after the artists’ deaths and are now sought-after by those who want to show a bit of rebellious spirit in their wardrobes. Recently, the tattoo art of California artist Ed Hardy has become a popular motif for ties.

What you choose to wear on your art necktie makes a statement in itself. Are you “The Thinker”? Or Michelangelo’s “David”? Would you like to show your sophistication with a surrealist Dali motif? Or your classic good taste with Monet’s “Water Lilies”? As in art, so as in life: the possibilities are endless.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Red, White and Blue You

Sometimes mens more formal attire can feel somewhat limiting. Business clothing generally needs to be dark or muted colors and that can leave men with few opportunities to make any real fashion decisions. A special tie, however, can be what sets you apart from a group. A well-chosen tie will always ensure that you look smart and professional. Pair this with your patriotic passion and you will exude both style and confidence. Since Flag lapel pins have become somewhat controversial in our PC world, how does one show some perfectly healthy allegiance to one’s country?  Why not wear a tie that shows your true colors. While some patriotic ties can be a bit flashy, there are others that feature very subtle prints and designs that incorporate the symbols of America quite beautifully into stylish stripes or all-over designs.

Patriotic ties for men are a great way to add a subtle hint of patriotism to your outfit without looking obvious. Whether you are a proud American citizen, a recent immigrant wanting to show off your red, white and blue pride, or a visitor enjoying your time in the United States, ties are one of the few accessories available to men for showing their creative side. A tie can also make a fantastic souvenir or gift to purchase for a friend or colleague. They are affordable, easy to pack and sophisticated. An American themed tie can be an extremely sentimental token of gratitude to give to a veteran or soldier. 

Men have few opportunities to accessorize or exert some creativity with their wardrobe. However, selecting your tie is one part of your outfit where picking out something slightly flashier is not thought of as tacky, but still considered to be business appropriate. Patriotic ties for men are no longer limited to your "one size fits all" standard American flag. There is a whole gamut of styles, prints and fabrics available to suit whatever your needs or desires might be. 

For those who are feeling more daring, try selecting a slightly more outgoing pattern for special holidays or events, such as Independence Day or Veterans Day. Larger print flags or brighter blues and reds can bring together a well-chosen outfit as a pleasing focal point. 

Patriotic ties are also fantastic to have for parties or other social gatherings. They make excellent conversation starters and can also serve as a way to find other like-minded patriotic individuals. Feel proud and confident of your homeland by showing off America's stars and stripes. 

While there are many designs of regular ties to chose from, there are also bow ties, suspenders, scarves, cufflinks and tie bars that can all reflect your positive feelings and love of country. As with any other tie, patriotic ties come in many different materials to choose from.

If you'd like to get a closer look at some patriotic accessories for men, click here.  Absolute Ties has an incredible collection of unique ties, socks and accessories for the well-dressed person.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Plaid Ties for Men

Ties are a piece of clothing that men have been wearing for hundreds of years for various reasons from fashion to prestige. Plaid ties for men are one of the kinds of ties that have been very popular, as well as fashionable for many years. These fine ties are an accessory that many men wear every day as they travel to work, school or elsewhere.

Ties were once the province of the wealthy and aristocratic, but now men of all ages and situations commonly wear them. Ties help to bring out the best in a man’s outfit and the man who has many different styles and colors of ties can fit in no matter what the event. Ties are a piece of clothing that no man should be without, as they are a classic piece of clothing worn for many reasons.

When it comes to the types of plaid ties for men, there are many different colors and patterns, as well as ties that are long or short in length and ties that are wide or skinny in width. In fact, it’s easy to know how wide a tie should be, as this depends on the size of the man’s suit. For instance, if the man’s suit is sized 40 to 42, then he should wear a tie that is between two and a half to three inches wide, unless he is following the current “skinny” tie trend.

No matter what the width or length of the tie, plaid ties come in both small and large sized patterns of plaid designs. Sometimes the plaid design is combined with a series of stripes to give the wearer even more options. Most men like to have their ties compliment the shirt and suit color that they are wearing, so it’s best for all men to acquire several ties of varying colors and patterns so they will be ready for everything from an interview to a business meeting or even for a night on the town.

There are plaid ties for men that have one color or those that are multicolored. Some of the popular classic colors for ties include navy blue, brown, red or gold; however, there are also stylish color patterns that include flashy colors of pink, purple, orange or green. They can be found to match whatever the color of the accompanying shirt or suit.

No matter what the reason or need for a man to wear a tie, he should not be without multiple choices of styles, sizes, and colors to fit all situations. Ties are here to stay as a male accessory and will continue to help spark up a man’s clothing for many years to come.

To see a wide variety of plaid ties, and just about any other type of neck wear you can imagine, click here, and find the perfect accessories to complement your wardrobe..