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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slim Ties - Oh, So Mid-Century Modern

Skinny ties are back ”in”, along with the look that interior designers are calling Mid-Century Modern.   A lot of people are wearing slim ties to update their wardrobe for either formal or casual settings. It used to be that most business ties were wide cut.   Then again, suits were also fairly wide cut in the not so distant past.  Now with the trend that slim is better, more and more people are adopting slimmer cut suits and shirts, and adding a skinny tie to complete the look.

There are many occasions when you can rock this trendy accessory. Collared shirts are very common and different types of ties are their natural partners.  Some people have even been adopting bow ties into their fashion repertoire.  Those who like to stay in touch with what’s hot in fashion are always looking to update their look with accessories, and ties are one of those conspicuous accessories that can update a look easily.

Formal and semi-formal wear often requires a suit jacket, slacks, and a tie. The slimmer cut fits are popular and even musical artists have been sporting this trend.   On the season closing shows of ”The Voice”, Adam Levine wore a slim cut suit with a skinny tie and a white shirt, and he looked great.  Movie stars, actors and musicians have been sporting slim ties to go along with their suit or collared shirt.

A casual look that can go anywhere is jeans, a collared shirt, and a skinny tie. This look is a good one for those people who want to be able to go from a nice dinner out, to a party and then on to a club and still look fashionable.   They will be more likely to stand out in a sea of sweaters and t-shirts.  

Black is the most common color for a tie, but that tends to be rather boring, and frankly, rather funereal. But many people tend towards something more colorful.  Slim ties will most likely be a solid color, but the not so wide cut still allows for some pattern or design to show. However, unlike traditional ties, slim ties don't have as much surface area to show an intricate design. A logo or a tiny design may suffice for decoration, or diagonal stripes of different colors

As everyone knows, fashion is cyclical.  Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, thin ties were the big thing, along with pegged pants and a little dab of Brylcream.  If you watch “Madmen” on TV, it’s hard not to notice that the character Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, definitely favors slim cut suits and slim ties, and looks awesome in them.  Ties stayed slim until Flower Power hit in the late 60’s, and if anyone wore ties at all, they were big, wide and loud.  Hopefully, those hippie ties won’t be back anytime soon, but don’t count on it.  Enjoy the fitted, slim and trim look while it's here.


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