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Friday, March 22, 2013

Say "NO" to Boring Ties

Novelty ties make a great present for any man who loves to wear unique ties. Ties of any type complete a dress suit or casual suit for a man. When solid color ties become boring, men can spice up their wardrobe and add to their tie collection with novelty mens ties. Novelty ties allow men to show off their individuality because they come in a variety of different styles.

Cartoon ties are a popular form of novelty necktie. Some men are still a kid at heart and love certain cartoon characters. What better way to show off the kid inside than wearing a favorite cartoon character on a necktie? There are hundreds of cartoon characters that can be featured on a novelty tie, so the choices are limitless. Superhero hero ties fall into this category as well. A Batman lover would take pride wearing a novelty tie featuring the Caped Crusader.

Holiday ties are another popular type of novelty mens ties. There are hundreds of ties with Christmas themed designs available. Some men like to be just as festive as women by sprucing up their attire during the holidays, and there is no better way to do that than by wearing a holiday tie. There are holiday ties for most holidays, including Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day. Basically, men can find novelty ties for any holiday or occasion.

Novelty ties also let men show off their hobbies, interests, and affiliations. For example, a golf guru would enjoy a tie that showed his love of golf by displaying a golf design. Boating or fishing enthusiasts would enjoy novelty ties that showcase their love of the sport by wearing ties decorated with fishing lures, boats and other maritime designs. Sports teams are another popular design featured on novelty ties. It is not uncommon for an avid sports fan to wear a tie featuring his favorite team on game day.

Men who love to wear ties get bored with the usual plain colored silk tie. They like to break free from the constraints of conservative dress every now and then, and there is no better way to do that than going for a radical look with a novelty tie. The majority of businessmen choose to wear more conservative ties that blend in with the crowd. Wearing a novelty tie sets a man apart from the crowd and shows a sense of individuality and style.  Not to mention that some of these novelty ties are so artfully done that they transcend being a novelty and are just downright pretty.

 Novelty ties also make wonderful gifts. The majority of novelty ties are sold around Father's Day. For dads who wear ties on a regular basis, novelty neckties are a gift to consider. Children and wives often know exactly the type of tie the man of the family would want and can choose from a variety of novelty ties that will show off his personality.

Unlike the stereotype that novelty ties are hideous and gaudy, they actually serve a better purpose than just a gag gift. They allow men to express themselves and their individuality by being unique.  And the truly well done novelty ties, especially those that key in to a man’s profession, such as one with stripes made from pictures of antique medicine bottles for a pharmacist or doctor, are very attractive and low-key.  If you know the recipient of the novelty tie well, there are so many tie variations that would truly personalize what might otherwise be a lackluster gift.

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