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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kids Suspenders

Generally speaking, suspenders are a fashion statement that went out some time ago. While they're still around for select looks, such as for firemen, most adults tend to forgo them in favor of a belt. However, for formal wear, and particularly for formal wear for kids, suspenders are still a classy choice. When it comes to kids suspenders, there is quite the plethora of options available.

Color and Pattern

Kids suspenders come in all shapes and sizes, literally and metaphorically speaking. So, while it's entirely possible to get solid black suspenders for a church going look, why stop there? Especially when there are things like holiday themed suspenders, with Easter eggs or Santa's reindeer all up and down them. Whether parents are looking for unique, solid color suspenders or suspenders with a certain pattern on them, from stripes to polka dots, there’s such a big variety for suspenders that they can complete practically any outfit. And when children are younger, that's what suspenders are; another part of an outfit. Kids don't stay one size long enough for them to be necessary for many other functions.


It's important when buying kids suspenders ones that parents make sure they have an adjustable variety. Suspenders come in certain lengths, with both a minimum and a maximum, but unlike adults, children grow at a fairly rapid clip. In addition to suspender length though, parents need to keep in mind how they want the suspenders to fit and how high or low the little one's pants should sit.

Clasps and Closures

On the practical side of suspenders, this decision is one of the more important ones that parents can make. Most modern suspenders have clasps at the base like little mouths full of metal teeth that grip tight to the waist of pants and hold them up. Older styles of suspenders are actually meant to go over buttons sewn onto the pants in question, which gives them a much firmer hold. At the same time though, these suspenders tended to go with certain pairs of pants, which made them a lot less utilitarian. However, for parents that are willing to go that extra mile, it's still entirely possible to find suspenders and pants that go together like this. They will be more expensive though, and children are rarely children long enough to get the value out of really expensive, formal clothes like that.


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