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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cufflinks with “Big Blue” Style

You know who they are, and you want to be one of them. Yes you do, just admit it. There are those all-out, crazy fans that cheer on their collegiate team at football stadiums and basketball arenas all across the country. You see these insane individuals with painted faces, ridiculous wigs, and hilarious posters who have camped out for days to get tickets because they are just dying for their few seconds in the lime light - in front of a television camera. Some of these people are students, some are alumni, some are boosters, but many are just like you – willing to act like a fool to show your passion for your team.

All right, the game is over. You can wake up now. Whew! Your guys just pulled out another close one, and, in your dreams, you were the hero. Come on, really, wake up. Go find out where the celebration is for the real victory. How you celebrate your contribution to the victory is up to you. Champions always dress in style after a big win in a big game, and now you can celebrate the “Maize and Blue” with University of Michigan cufflinks.

These beautiful accent pieces will be the focal point of your outfit as you strut through the crowd. The suit may be fine, but the nickel-plated trim around the University of Michigan logo “M” will be the main attraction. Everyone will notice your class when you enter the room. At that moment you will become a true fan of the team because you know how to wear the colors even when the Wolverines are not on the hard wood or the gridiron.

Who needs face paint anyway? It is a mess to clean up and can get in your eyes. Who wears rainbow wigs or mullets, everybody knows your hair never was that thick anyway. And posters, you would probably misspell something and get on national television so other fans could mock your University of Michigan education. Put these elegant cuff links on with your best suit, shirt, and tie, and when you show up, everyone will realize you are far too intelligent for all that juvenile behavior anyway.

So, next time the Wolverines prepare to defend their turf in Big Ten Conference competition, show those Hoosiers, Spartans, Buckeyes, Nittany Lions, Badgers, Hawkeyes, Illini, Boilermakers, Gophers, and whoever else from whatever collegiate conference who might be interested in joining the fray, that the Wolverines can look good everywhere, on and off the playing surface. University of Michigan cufflinks are the perfect addition to your collegiate collection of clothing and paraphernalia. Hoodies and tees are great, but the cuff links say it best. Wolverines have class wherever they go and whatever they wear.

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