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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Evening Scarves Add a Touch of Elegance

Sometimes the best way to make an outfit better is with accessories. Shoppers that know about fashion will realize that the evening scarves can be one of the best ways to improve any look. It doesn't matter what color a person may be wearing. This is a formal accessory that makes it easier to add style without being overbearing.  For evening events in colder weather, when a suit is appropriate, a full-length topcoat always looks better than a jacket of some sort.  Adding an elegant scarf and a nice pair of gloves to an otherwise boring topcoat really gives the outfit a finished look.

Formal evening scarves for men are a refreshing look because it is not common. This is a higher echelon of style that is reserved for those that know how to improve their looks with simple touches. This is something that should be added to the wardrobe because it is different from anything else that is in the closet. It brings forth a formal look that is different from neckties. It revitalizes an outfit that may have otherwise been dull and plain looking. This is what good accessories do. These products transform something ordinary into something extraordinary. That is the main reason that so many wives count on this gift when they are shopping for their husbands. They want to dress their husbands in style without spending a fortune in the process. 

Men that want to become stylish dressers must start somewhere. It is easy to assume that high designer fashions and expensive clothes are the things that make the wardrobe. This is just a common misconception. The reality is that there are many people all around the world that can make their wardrobes come to life. They just need the right accessories to compliment things that they already have. A man may have lots of shoes and trousers, but everything in the closet may seem like it has been worn before. A person may have every color available for shirts and slacks, but it may still seem like all the outfits are mundane. When men buy the right accessories they can spice up the wardrobe with ease. That is the best way to make an old outfit look new. The great thing about this is that it transforms something that may be simple into an elegant look for the evening.

Lots of people look for gifts that will be durable and able to be used for a long time. People want to buy gifts that their friends and loved ones will remember. It is easy to get a temporary gift that will only last for a short time. Most people want to get something that will bring joy to the recipient of the gift for years to come. This is the main reason why so many people shop for
evening scarves or other small but striking accessories. These products can be worn for years without any real wear and tear. It is so easy to see how these products have become so popular over the years. Many people that decide to buy accessories like this will usually attempt to buy more than one. This stylish accessory comes in an assortment of colors. It makes it easy to buy multiple colors that compliment just about any wardrobe color schemes.

If you'd like to get a closer look at evening scarves, click here.  Absolute has an incredible collection of unique ties, socks and accessories for the well-dressed person.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nautical Ties Make a Great Gift

Lots of men love a unique tie. It doesn't matter if they are part of the business world of suit and ties, or casual individuals who only wear ties occasionally. For some, those plain old solid color ties are okay, but many men prefer a tie that adds style and a bit of their own personality. You’ll have no problem finding ties with stripes, dots or checks. But if you want to buy one for a gift that shows it was chosen with care, why not chose one that relates to a man’s hobbies or leisure activities? These are often referred to as themed ties. While the subjects of these themed ties are endless, nautical ties rank high on the list of subjects for these accessories.

Many people are fascinated with the look of these awesome designs of ships and things related to the sea. These designs are great conversation starters and ice breakers for men that may be attending social occasions. While some people choose to search the brick and mortar stores for this type of tie, the selection won’t be a wide one, or your search a short one. To borrow a phrase from a long ago jingle for the Yellow Pages, why not “Let your fingers do the walking”, instead of your feet? This is why more people are turning to online shopping solutions when it comes to nautical ties, or for that matter, any other specialized type of design for ties or other fashion accessories. This is why so many people go online to do their gift shopping; it is amazing that such a huge variety of appropriate gifts can be found when just a few simple keywords are used to narrow down the field of available items that will be appropriate for giving.

So many men have an interest in fishing, boating and other sports associated with things nautical that this specialty item might be very well received.  Does the gift recipient enjoy seaside vacations?  Is service in the Navy an element of their past?  If this is the case, a tie with a nautical theme might just be the ticket.

In most instances these ties have two or more color patterns and usually a cool green, blue and yellow palette, which works well with either light or dark colored suits. Many of the ties that have symbols associated with navigation will have gray or black hooks and anchors, or beige rope.  Some people may wear these types of ties with khaki pants while others may choose darker navy or muted green colors.  These designs and color stories are versatile and masculine, and will compliment any wardrobe.

In many cases it is not the suit that makes the attire come alive. It is the accessories that come with the attire. That is something that people have to consider when they are shopping. They don't always have to buy the biggest and most expensive gifts to bring joy to friends and family. Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages.

If you’d like to see some of these ties and variety of designs they are available in, click here.  Absolute Ties has an amazing variety of themed ties and accessories that can make your next search for a gift that shows consideration and a desire to please the recipient with something that was chosen just for them a quick and easy experience.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Say "NO" to Boring Ties

Novelty ties make a great present for any man who loves to wear unique ties. Ties of any type complete a dress suit or casual suit for a man. When solid color ties become boring, men can spice up their wardrobe and add to their tie collection with novelty mens ties. Novelty ties allow men to show off their individuality because they come in a variety of different styles.

Cartoon ties are a popular form of novelty necktie. Some men are still a kid at heart and love certain cartoon characters. What better way to show off the kid inside than wearing a favorite cartoon character on a necktie? There are hundreds of cartoon characters that can be featured on a novelty tie, so the choices are limitless. Superhero hero ties fall into this category as well. A Batman lover would take pride wearing a novelty tie featuring the Caped Crusader.

Holiday ties are another popular type of novelty mens ties. There are hundreds of ties with Christmas themed designs available. Some men like to be just as festive as women by sprucing up their attire during the holidays, and there is no better way to do that than by wearing a holiday tie. There are holiday ties for most holidays, including Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day. Basically, men can find novelty ties for any holiday or occasion.

Novelty ties also let men show off their hobbies, interests, and affiliations. For example, a golf guru would enjoy a tie that showed his love of golf by displaying a golf design. Boating or fishing enthusiasts would enjoy novelty ties that showcase their love of the sport by wearing ties decorated with fishing lures, boats and other maritime designs. Sports teams are another popular design featured on novelty ties. It is not uncommon for an avid sports fan to wear a tie featuring his favorite team on game day.

Men who love to wear ties get bored with the usual plain colored silk tie. They like to break free from the constraints of conservative dress every now and then, and there is no better way to do that than going for a radical look with a novelty tie. The majority of businessmen choose to wear more conservative ties that blend in with the crowd. Wearing a novelty tie sets a man apart from the crowd and shows a sense of individuality and style.  Not to mention that some of these novelty ties are so artfully done that they transcend being a novelty and are just downright pretty.

 Novelty ties also make wonderful gifts. The majority of novelty ties are sold around Father's Day. For dads who wear ties on a regular basis, novelty neckties are a gift to consider. Children and wives often know exactly the type of tie the man of the family would want and can choose from a variety of novelty ties that will show off his personality.

Unlike the stereotype that novelty ties are hideous and gaudy, they actually serve a better purpose than just a gag gift. They allow men to express themselves and their individuality by being unique.  And the truly well done novelty ties, especially those that key in to a man’s profession, such as one with stripes made from pictures of antique medicine bottles for a pharmacist or doctor, are very attractive and low-key.  If you know the recipient of the novelty tie well, there are so many tie variations that would truly personalize what might otherwise be a lackluster gift.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cufflinks with “Big Blue” Style

You know who they are, and you want to be one of them. Yes you do, just admit it. There are those all-out, crazy fans that cheer on their collegiate team at football stadiums and basketball arenas all across the country. You see these insane individuals with painted faces, ridiculous wigs, and hilarious posters who have camped out for days to get tickets because they are just dying for their few seconds in the lime light - in front of a television camera. Some of these people are students, some are alumni, some are boosters, but many are just like you – willing to act like a fool to show your passion for your team.

All right, the game is over. You can wake up now. Whew! Your guys just pulled out another close one, and, in your dreams, you were the hero. Come on, really, wake up. Go find out where the celebration is for the real victory. How you celebrate your contribution to the victory is up to you. Champions always dress in style after a big win in a big game, and now you can celebrate the “Maize and Blue” with University of Michigan cufflinks.

These beautiful accent pieces will be the focal point of your outfit as you strut through the crowd. The suit may be fine, but the nickel-plated trim around the University of Michigan logo “M” will be the main attraction. Everyone will notice your class when you enter the room. At that moment you will become a true fan of the team because you know how to wear the colors even when the Wolverines are not on the hard wood or the gridiron.

Who needs face paint anyway? It is a mess to clean up and can get in your eyes. Who wears rainbow wigs or mullets, everybody knows your hair never was that thick anyway. And posters, you would probably misspell something and get on national television so other fans could mock your University of Michigan education. Put these elegant cuff links on with your best suit, shirt, and tie, and when you show up, everyone will realize you are far too intelligent for all that juvenile behavior anyway.

So, next time the Wolverines prepare to defend their turf in Big Ten Conference competition, show those Hoosiers, Spartans, Buckeyes, Nittany Lions, Badgers, Hawkeyes, Illini, Boilermakers, Gophers, and whoever else from whatever collegiate conference who might be interested in joining the fray, that the Wolverines can look good everywhere, on and off the playing surface. University of Michigan cufflinks are the perfect addition to your collegiate collection of clothing and paraphernalia. Hoodies and tees are great, but the cuff links say it best. Wolverines have class wherever they go and whatever they wear.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slim Ties - Oh, So Mid-Century Modern

Skinny ties are back ”in”, along with the look that interior designers are calling Mid-Century Modern.   A lot of people are wearing slim ties to update their wardrobe for either formal or casual settings. It used to be that most business ties were wide cut.   Then again, suits were also fairly wide cut in the not so distant past.  Now with the trend that slim is better, more and more people are adopting slimmer cut suits and shirts, and adding a skinny tie to complete the look.

There are many occasions when you can rock this trendy accessory. Collared shirts are very common and different types of ties are their natural partners.  Some people have even been adopting bow ties into their fashion repertoire.  Those who like to stay in touch with what’s hot in fashion are always looking to update their look with accessories, and ties are one of those conspicuous accessories that can update a look easily.

Formal and semi-formal wear often requires a suit jacket, slacks, and a tie. The slimmer cut fits are popular and even musical artists have been sporting this trend.   On the season closing shows of ”The Voice”, Adam Levine wore a slim cut suit with a skinny tie and a white shirt, and he looked great.  Movie stars, actors and musicians have been sporting slim ties to go along with their suit or collared shirt.

A casual look that can go anywhere is jeans, a collared shirt, and a skinny tie. This look is a good one for those people who want to be able to go from a nice dinner out, to a party and then on to a club and still look fashionable.   They will be more likely to stand out in a sea of sweaters and t-shirts.  

Black is the most common color for a tie, but that tends to be rather boring, and frankly, rather funereal. But many people tend towards something more colorful.  Slim ties will most likely be a solid color, but the not so wide cut still allows for some pattern or design to show. However, unlike traditional ties, slim ties don't have as much surface area to show an intricate design. A logo or a tiny design may suffice for decoration, or diagonal stripes of different colors

As everyone knows, fashion is cyclical.  Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, thin ties were the big thing, along with pegged pants and a little dab of Brylcream.  If you watch “Madmen” on TV, it’s hard not to notice that the character Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, definitely favors slim cut suits and slim ties, and looks awesome in them.  Ties stayed slim until Flower Power hit in the late 60’s, and if anyone wore ties at all, they were big, wide and loud.  Hopefully, those hippie ties won’t be back anytime soon, but don’t count on it.  Enjoy the fitted, slim and trim look while it's here.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Collar Tie Bar Looks Fantastic

When men dress to look great, whether it be for business or pleasure, they will want to wear a nice dress shirt. When they wear a classy shirt, they will want to wear a tie too. The collar tie bar or pin is made to attach to either side of the collar of the shirt to keep it together. It goes underneath the necktie and gives a more flattering appearance to the shirt collar. Most men wear a jacket over the shirt too, for a finished look. 

A collar tie bar gives the necktie an arch that looks quite attractive when a man is dressed up. Many men use them, and they are becoming more and more popular. Prices vary according to the different styles that they might pick when they are purchasing these collar bars and pins.

When a man has a collar tie bar or several of them, he will want to make sure that he cares for them properly so they will stay in good condition. They can be stored in a box or in small jewelry bags and placed in a dresser drawer or other piece of furniture. They should be kept in a dry, clean place and separately so that they don’t rub up against other pieces of jewelry and get scratched.

The different styles of collar pins and ties are varied. Some are gold and some are silver. There are larger ones or smaller ones. Some are very fancy and can be worn without a tie because they look sharp on their own. Others are just plain bars and those need to be covered with a tie in order to look nice. The prices vary depending on which type of style a man wishes to purchase. 

Having an assortment of collar tie bars is a good idea for men. They will be able to pick and choose which one they want to wear with different outfits. Since they can always use another one, it is a great gift idea for people to give them. It makes sense for a gift during the holidays, for birthdays and even for promotions during the year. When someone gives one of these collar bars or pins as a gift, they should make sure it is wrapped in a nice gift box. A personal card should also be given with the gift, so he knows how important he is to others.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kids Suspenders

Generally speaking, suspenders are a fashion statement that went out some time ago. While they're still around for select looks, such as for firemen, most adults tend to forgo them in favor of a belt. However, for formal wear, and particularly for formal wear for kids, suspenders are still a classy choice. When it comes to kids suspenders, there is quite the plethora of options available.

Color and Pattern

Kids suspenders come in all shapes and sizes, literally and metaphorically speaking. So, while it's entirely possible to get solid black suspenders for a church going look, why stop there? Especially when there are things like holiday themed suspenders, with Easter eggs or Santa's reindeer all up and down them. Whether parents are looking for unique, solid color suspenders or suspenders with a certain pattern on them, from stripes to polka dots, there’s such a big variety for suspenders that they can complete practically any outfit. And when children are younger, that's what suspenders are; another part of an outfit. Kids don't stay one size long enough for them to be necessary for many other functions.


It's important when buying kids suspenders ones that parents make sure they have an adjustable variety. Suspenders come in certain lengths, with both a minimum and a maximum, but unlike adults, children grow at a fairly rapid clip. In addition to suspender length though, parents need to keep in mind how they want the suspenders to fit and how high or low the little one's pants should sit.

Clasps and Closures

On the practical side of suspenders, this decision is one of the more important ones that parents can make. Most modern suspenders have clasps at the base like little mouths full of metal teeth that grip tight to the waist of pants and hold them up. Older styles of suspenders are actually meant to go over buttons sewn onto the pants in question, which gives them a much firmer hold. At the same time though, these suspenders tended to go with certain pairs of pants, which made them a lot less utilitarian. However, for parents that are willing to go that extra mile, it's still entirely possible to find suspenders and pants that go together like this. They will be more expensive though, and children are rarely children long enough to get the value out of really expensive, formal clothes like that.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Looking for a Toddler Bowtie?

Choosing great accessories for children, especially little boys, when they are attending a dress up occasion can be difficult, as they need to be in a childrens sizes, the selections are usually quite limited and they need to be easy to take on and off.  For little girls, finding something cute and dressy is relatively easy; it’s a different story with boys.  Of course, little boys do look adorable in suits, but the colors are usually fairly mundane.  If you want to add something to make your young man stand out in the crowd, getting a toddler sized bowtie can make a little boy look great for any occasion.  Parents who need to find something that will match with an outfit that they have found, for any type of event, will have an easy time finding a toddler bowtie in a complimentary pattern and color if they just do a short online search. The variety of attractive childrens accessories is really astonishing.

To make it simple to get toddlers to wear these items, they easily clip onto their shirts. 
There are also options for parents who don't just want to clip on their child’s bowtie. There are bowties that parents can tie themselves. There are even options that will work well on little girls, for parents who want to dress up their daughters in something a little bit different. They come in colors like pink and purple, and patterns like zebra print and polka dots. There is something appropriate for any occasion, such as a wedding or a christening.

For those who want to even take it a step farther, take a look at a toddler bowtie with a matching hanky. These are something that toddlers will love, and parents will enjoy how adorable their children look. They are very affordable for the amount of style and panache they will add to a dressy outfit.

Another type of bowties are band bow ties, which simply have a band of fabric that goes under the collar of the toddler’s shirt and fastens in front, under the bow part of the tie. These are very easy to use, and parents can easily get a beautiful knot every time. These also come in all types of colors, and there are even novelty ones for parents who want to make a statement. Even little guys who may balk at wearing any kind of tie at all will love the ones featuring their favorite characters.

Finding something that makes children look great when they out can be hard, so choosing an adorable bowtie is a great option. There are styles and colors that toddlers will love, as well as other accessories that match. Choosing a toddler bowtie is a great way to get your little guy to look wonderful at any dress up event.