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Friday, February 1, 2013

Tie on Your Inner Cowboy

You don't have to leave the Wild West back at the ranch just because it's Monday at the office. Horse neckties allow the well-dressed gentlemen to show off his inner cowboy and still be tastefully attired for business. Everyone loves the majesty and beauty of horses and the person sporting one on his tie will surely get noticed.

One can find horse neckties in a range of prices from true bargains to hand painted silk ones that are one of a kind works of art, with a price tag to match. Many designers have been inspired by the captivating images of horses and use them frequently. Still others prefer their inner cowboy be a bit more subtle. The many ties that boast small patterns, such as horseshoes, that parade across the fabric, satisfy this group. From a distance, these look like every other tie in the office. Only those who really look closely will see the hidden beauty. There are plain ties that boast just one small, embroidered horse and come in a variety of colors. Still others will really show what lies beneath that cool and calm business suit. There are ties depicting bronco riding, roping, racing, jumping and polo.

It is not difficult to find horse neckties. The difficult part is not buying them all. Like horses themselves, the variety is astounding and it's hard to have just one. There are many places online to find ties, and these virtual shops have many to choose from. Western wear stores will, of course, have many styles. If one lives in the right area and is lucky, there are vintage ties that have western motifs and are truly gorgeous. Of course, these too, could be searched for online as well. Businesses that specialize in clothing for the equestrian, especially competition clothing, will have authentic styles that fit and wear well. Artist's markets can yield hand painted ties at affordable prices.

Wearing a horse necktie at work, or other times a suit is worn, could yield huge rewards and unexpected delights. Many conversations will be started as a result of your choice in neckwear. This can be a real asset in a sales situation. Think of your tie as an icebreaker at large meetings or conventions where most people are not familiar with one another. Horse lovers are always ready to strike up a conversation. A nervous patient might appreciate the doctor's sense of style and whimsy, and relax a bit. A single gentleman might find out how many horse crazy and attractive girls are around him. Like an actual horse, horses in fashion could take you to unexpected thrills.


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