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Friday, February 8, 2013

The Many Benefits of Choosing Recycled Cotton Socks

More people are looking for products that come from recycled or renewable resources. There are a number of clothing manufacturers who now use recycled fibers to make the garments they sell. One of the more popular fibers for recycling is cotton. Recycled cotton can be used to make a variety of different items including socks. Recycled cotton socks are comfortable, practical and fashionable.

Recycled Cotton Saves the Environment

People who choose to purchase socks made from recycled cotton are helping to save the environment by reducing the runoff of chemicals from processing plants. The process of recycling the cotton fibers uses less energy because new plants do not need to be harvested and processed, even though cotton is a renewable resource. These fibers are sanitized and whitened so they can be colored to make new designs for fashionable socks.

Recycled Cotton is Comfortable and Practical

The socks made from these recycled fibers are also very comfortable. Comfort is an important consideration when purchasing a pair of socks, because the foot needs a degree of cushioning to protect it from the inner seams and hard insoles of shoes. Shoppers will find that these recycled cotton socks are also made with superior quality. These items have reinforced stitching along the heel and toe where more stress is usually placed when the foot is in motion. The cuffs are also designed to stay up with out binding or pinching the skin of the upper calf.

Cotton is a naturally absorbent material, which means that socks made from recycled fibers suitable for people with active lifestyles. The soft absorbent fibers will keep feet cool and dry even under strenuous conditions. The socks can be worn for work involving heavy labor or for every day activities.

The Fashionable Side of Recycled Socks

Socks made from recycled cotton can come in an assortment of colors and patterns. Cotton can be dyed any color imaginable, which allows the finished products to be made in greater assortments of designs than products made from synthetic materials. These socks are available in colors that appeal to men or women. Some of the classic men's socks are made using a plaid design. The plaid is composed of several different colors woven into an alternating pattern. The colors used to create men's socks are usually shades of brown, tan, green, blue and black. There are also heaver styles made with denser fibers, which can be worn during the colder times of the year to provide warmth for the feet.

The recycled cotton socks designed for women usually use brighter colors of pink, yellow and white in combination with some of the darker shades. The design that uses the sun, moon and star shapes is one of the more trendy styles available. This design alternates the rows of images using specific colors for each row created. The finished effect is both fashionable and fun to wear with a pair of jeans or a layered skirt. There are also classic striped socks that can be worn as casual styles for work, school or everyday.


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