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Monday, February 4, 2013

Penguin Ties

If you wear ties, you probably own quite a collection. The average man typically owns upwards of 40 ties! Ties are a fashion statement, they are a business statement and they are a statement of personal expression.

Some people are required to wear ties to work to complete their business style. Other people only wear ties to formal events such as weddings or religious ceremonies. For others, it’s just a way to stay on top of the fashion world.

The tie you choose to wear often says a lot about your personalities. Are you a tough guy? A sensitive guy? A guy who likes to have fun? Or, a no nonsense type of guy? It’s no wonder that there are probably millions of different styles of ties to choose from. Chances are the average tie wearer has many different ties to suit the mood.

There are simple, plain, monochromatic ties, or ties with patterns and shapes. Ties can come in loud, vibrant colors and patterns. Or, some ties are whimsical and fun ties. Other ties display a sense of humor. Fun ties garner the most admiration and are often a great conversation piece.

Some ties depict the holidays, such as Halloween. You might own a black tie with a pumpkin, a spooky ghost or a scary cat. Or, for the cold weather holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, you might have a tie with polar bears, Frosty the Snowman, or some penguin ties. For the summer fans, there are ties with sailboats, seagulls, and surfboards.

Animal lovers can also have fun with ties. So many fun ties feature animals, such as cats, dogs, bears, moose, lions or ducks. One of the most versatile animal prints is a penguin tie. The natural features of the penguin, with its black and white coloring, make penguins to be a top choice in ties for many people. Penguins are perhaps the coolest birds on the planet.

Penguin ties can feature on large penguin in the middle of the tie, or lots of little penguins dotted throughout the tie. Or, the tie can feature a tiny little penguin at the bottom of the tie. Also, penguins fit well with any color background on a tie, such a red, yellow, pink or blue. Sometimes the ties are whimsical, and you will have a penguin wearing a hat or skiing down a mountain. You can even have a penguin tie that matches your penguin socks!


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