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Monday, February 11, 2013

How Sock Garters Benefit Today's Man

Some people might think men's garters went out of fashion several decades ago. The truth is that they are still very much in fashion and are worn by men who need to look their best. The garters for men help them look their best by holding their socks in place in a more secure manner than the cuffs on the sock.

Why Men Use Sock Garters

Men who wear formal suits with dress slacks can have the cuffs of the pant legs ride up when they sit down. If the socks they are wearing are bunched up around their ankles, it creates an untidy appearance. Men who hold executive positions in business need to present themselves in a neat and orderly fashion in order to make a good impression on the people they do business with. The mens sock garters help them create a good impression by keeping their socks from dropping down around their ankles.

Men who need to wear a formal suit for a special occasion will also find the sock garters useful in keeping their socks in place. Some of the formal occasions where men could benefit from wearing these garters include weddings and theater performances. The men who perform in a theatrical or musical venue will also find the mens sock garters helpful in keeping their socks up. Men who perform in orchestras often wear formal tuxedos or suits with pants that can ride up when they are seated on stage. Garters can be worn to avoid the embarrassment of exposed skin due to bunched up socks.

The Fashionable Side of Sock Garters

The elastic bands used to create the mens sock garters are available in solid colors or in prints. The printed garters allow men to express their unique fashion style or personality. Men who want to add some style to their intimate apparel can wear the printed garters. The garter bands decorated with tiny hearts could be the perfect gift for a man on Valentine's Day. Other prints available for garters include some holiday themes such as shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day and candy canes for Christmas. The holiday themed garters make unique gifts for men who also need a practical way to keep their socks up.

The garters made for men are created with a strong elastic band designed to stay in place on the calf. Each band comes with two garter attachments that are designed with metal closures and rubber knobs. The rubber knob is placed on the inside of the sock so the metal closure can secure it on the outside. The better quality garters have the attachments made of soft leather so they do not irritate the skin on a man's leg. The elastic band is also designed to provide a comfortable fit around the calf of men of varying sizes.

Men's garters eliminate the embarrassing exposure of the skin on the calf when pants ride up, which also gets rid of the need to constantly pull up socks that have fallen down.


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