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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Animal Print Bowties

A gentleman decked in a jaunty bow tie is no longer an imaginary character right from the pages of an English novel or from an early 1930s’ movie scene. Bow ties have gained momentum amongst the younger crowd, who are always looking for a personal sense of fashion and style. Hence, the sophisticated, ultra rich and snobbish image of the bow tie has changed quite a bit in recent years; from a formal wear necessity to a quirky accessory for an eclectic wardrobe.

People are seen sporting bow ties with what might be considered rather bohemian attire, breaking the rules of strict formality and sporting a bow tie even in at semi-formal or casual party. Of course, the biggest influence on the character imparted by wearing this little butterfly shaped tie lies in the personality of the person who decides to make it part of their look. In fact, bow ties have broken free of the traditional cage of solid colors and have stepped into the magnificent and colorful prints of an animal skin. Animal print bow ties are one of the favorites amongst the courageous, bold, versatile and freedom-seeking wearers of bow ties.

Animal Print bow ties add panache without being ostentatious. They allow one to be true to one’s own unique style while still being just a tad unorthodox and unique. Bow ties with animal prints on them can add that extra hint of color to an otherwise drab and monotonous outfit. They not only spruce up a dull outfit but also introduce the modernity and cache of an innovative and unique look.

Printed bow ties can be found with leopard, tiger and zebra prints. These little ties can enhance the style of any outfit for grownups and toddlers alike. A leopard print bow tie might actually convince a boy to like wearing one. They love the animal prints and so do we! The bold look of a printed bow tie, especially one adorned with an animal print, can transform a suit into a more bohemian and chic looking outfit. These stylish accessories can lighten up the tone of a party and are a great source of conversation at a friendly get together. An otherwise pedestrian look can also be transformed with a splash of colors from these printed bow ties.

Bow ties with animal prints also allow one to re-invent their style. A sporty buttoned up blazer, when combined with an animal printed tie, will add a little something extra to an orthodox look. The leopard print detailing and other animal patterns are printed on fabrics like cotton, silk and polyester and they are available in two different varieties; clip on bow ties and neckband bow ties. The clip on bow ties make it easy to complete the outfit of a toddler and the neckband ties are also quite easy to wear. Add on that extra splash of color by choosing one of the many available bow ties in animal prints.


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