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Friday, February 22, 2013

Adult Suspenders for Individual Style

Adult suspenders are becoming a stylish alternative to belts for the confident male who wants to display a more individual fashion statement. They allow a person to display his individuality and also perform the important function of keeping their pants up. With suspenders, you are not constantly pulling your pants up, readjusting them or tightening and/or loosening your belt trying to make sure yourself comfortable. You clip two straps up front, two in the back and you are good for the day. It is more comfortable than a belt and more reliable. The suspenders allow your chest and stomach to expand and shrink during the day and maintain comfort.

Just like ties, adult suspenders can be worn to reflect different moods or themes. For the holidays, you can wear one that will help you and others get into the festive, holiday mood. Christmas suspenders usually are green and red with Santa, elves or candy canes displayed on them. Fourth of July suspenders are red, white and blue with flags and fireworks on them. Halloween suspenders will have pumpkins, ghosts or goblins.

If you are going to a poker night with the boys, you can wear suspenders that display playing cards and chips. Going for a day ride on the motorcycle? You can wear suspenders with barbed wire, skulls or actual bikes. Veterans of the armed forces can wear adult suspenders that will allow them to display their branch of service proudly. Army, Navy, Air Force or the Marine Corps models are all available.

Even if you want to look the part of a computer geek, you can go for the checkered suspenders with a white shirt. Hike up those pants and people will instantly think you are smart and technically savvy. Favorite sports teams, musical groups or political affiliations are also embellishments available on adult suspenders.

There are also numerous solid colored suspenders that allow you to color coordinate your outfit and appear fashionably vogue. The straps are also available in different widths, from a thin to an over sized strap, allowing you to fine tune your appearance. Depending on the look you’re going for, from a lime green pair to suspenders that are just black, there is something available to assist you in achieving that particular look. The cost of the suspenders is usually modest, ranging from $9.99 to $19.99, which is about fifty percent less than the cost of a good leather belt. A pair of suspenders will usually last for years with normal wear and tear.


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