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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Accessories with a Tropical Theme Can Make You the Center of Attention, in a Good Way!

If you are considering a necktie or a pair of trouser socks that have a tropical theme, you are making a stylish decision.  As long as you don't go overboard by wearing too many accessories at once, one or two well-placed accessories will be a stylish fashion choice for several reasons.  Neckties with a tropical theme can give a conservative man an edge or an air of mystery and fun. Tropical themed neckties and trouser socks can make you look like you have money and are eccentric. Tropical themed trouser socks can make women look like they have some ties to sunny California or other beach-like places.

Women Actually Like the Look

If you are the type of guy that always gets shoved into the “friend zone” when you'd rather have a great fiance or wife in your life, now is the perfect time to take a fashion chance.  Many men don't realize it, but quirky little things like neckties with a tropical theme thrown into your wardrobe here and there are somewhat mysterious, and therefore, charming.  It's not the same thing as wearing a heavy metal t-shirt or maybe a blinged-out Hip Hop chain when you normally don't wear these things.  Tropical neckties are a subtle accessory choice that any guy can pull off well.

Just remember; the key is to not overdo it.  Don't wear these ties everyday for this effect. However, if you own 5 to 10 really nice tropical ties, this might bring you some interesting attention.

Is That Guy a Billionaire?

If you're the more adventurous type, try wearing several accessories on a regular basis that have tropical themes to them.  The vibe you're going for is eccentric billionaire that doesn't care what people think because he/she really doesn't have to.  Many times in real life, when you meet a person who is truly wealthy, they will not dress like it.  Of course, on TV and in movies, the wealthy flaunt their money all the time, but when you see them at the mall or in the DMV, most of them look poorer than you.   Many of them say and do quirky things, and have eccentric or dangerous hobbies because they really have enough money that they just don't care, but they don't always dress the part.  With several tropical accessories, you'll be making people wonder if you're a carefree billionaire too.  It just might serve to break the ice, and help strike up a conversation – you can always tell them later that you’re merely eccentric.

Beach Bunny

One of the cutest things you can do, as a girl, is to wear socks that have interesting details to them. The idea is to make it seem like you aren't trying, like you just happen to have these socks.  Other women probably won't have socks like these, so they will add an interesting dimension to your wardrobe.  When girls grow up on the beach in places like Hawaii, California and Florida, they pick up accessories that are unique to the waterside. These tropical theme trouser socks have that vibe, and can make you look exotic and fun, bright and beautiful.

When you want to capture that beauty and that “it” factor that many super models have effortlessly, then look to your accessories. You really don't have to worry as much about things like hair color and name brand clothes, though those things can make you look nice as well. With the right accessories, you can capture just about any vibe you want and make others wonder what that special something is that they always see in you.


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