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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trendy, But Not Spendy

Far from its humble beginnings in the 17th century, bow ties are making a huge splash in today's fashion. Utilitarian, when first invented in the 17th century, bow ties were used simply to keep the top of shirts closed. Later, the French made this look their own and called them "cravats". A fashion craze was born and the more wealthy members of society enjoyed sporting this look. Bow ties have always signified wealth, upper class and formality. A black tie affair is the traditional home of the bow tie.

In today's fashion climate, bow ties remain the standard for the formal, “black tie" look. Weddings bring out bow ties in every shade of every color and barbershop quartets wouldn't be the same without them. But bow ties aren't just for evenings and Saturday afternoons anymore. They are showing up in colleges, offices, and on the runway. This new breed of bow tie can be formal, flirtatious, fanciful or flamboyant. All are fabulous.

Bow ties went hand in hand in wealth, and that has not seem to have changed if one notices the price tag on these trendy designer creations. Even moderately priced selections are priced too high for trendsetters to amass an entire wardrobe of fanciful neckwear.  A little sleuthing, however, and one can find where to find cheap bow ties that will fit into every budget. Online, there are many sites that specialize only in neckwear. There is a vast selection of both the self-tied and the pre-tied styles. Fabric selections include a wide range of solids, stripes, polka dots and many other patterns. For even greater savings, explore their close out or discontinued area. When searching online, costume and formal wear suppliers often have a large selection of inexpensive accessories. If a group of people need to know where to find cheap bow ties, a large order can be placed with these discount specialty sites, and as an added bonus, larger orders often are shipped free of charge. There are package sets that come four or more of a predetermined selection with varied color and patterns included. This option is a very good choice for getting a high rate of variety for very little cost.

Locally, this may involve a little more legwork. Vintage and resale shops may have the perfect, unique piece at a great price. Depending on the time of year, discount clothing stores will have bow ties, especially children's sizes, at a deep discount. The selection will be very limited, however. Tuxedo rental establishments also have items for sale and occasionally have sales on their "gently used" items. Theatre groups often will sell costumes from a previous season to raise funds for the upcoming productions and this can often net some one of a kind finds. Lastly, the question of where to find cheap bow ties might be answered at home. If one can operate a sewing machine, there are numerous patterns and videos available at fabric shops and online.


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