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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shirt Garters

Professionals Agree That Shirt Garters Are Mandatory For A Classy Appearance

Those who wear shirt garters either love them or abhor them. There seems to be no grey area of feelings toward these purely utilitarian accessories; either an errant one has snapped you, or it has not. Thankfully, most snapping accidents are due to user-error; they either were adjusted too tightly to begin with, or they were not fully secured at one end.

While many people have not even heard of garters for keeping shirttails tucked in, professionals whose job includes a neatly dressed look or crisp uniform are very well acquainted with this great invention. Police officers, bartenders and the military are the biggest groups of elasticized shirt control users, and there are several types to choose from: straight suspenders, Y-shape with garter snaps on both ends and the Y-shape with garter snaps on one end and a loop on the other end, which are also known as stirrup garters. Usually, black is the preferred color.

As their name implies, shirt garters run the length of the leg, underneath the clothes, and attach the shirttail to the top of the wearer's socks. This gives the added benefit of keeping socks from creeping down, with all but the stirrup style. Additionally, women who wear slacks with tucked-in blouses find that these garters keep their blouse in place and prevent a poofy waistline.

Secretaries, who sit for most of their workday, may find that wearing them helps upper garments stay in place. Nothing detracts from a sharp professional appearance faster than wrinkled clothes that have crept out and are now visible. For $20 or less, this is well worth a try for anyone who constantly has to retuck their blouse or shirt into place.

Occasionally, a story comes along about how shirt fasteners are capable of ripping leg hair out, but this is not a proven fact. Made from smooth elasticized materials, there is nothing to grab hold of leg hair. Moreover, a little pain is a small price to pay for not looking like a slob, and besides, this is only folklore. A few words of caution, however; never over tighten the length of shirt tail garters unless you do not mind feeling like a marionette all day.

On the other hand, some gentlemen believe that classy dressing requires that garters on the shirt be worn, and that only a derelict would snicker or make fun of them. Quite manly men have noted that these shirt accessories, also called shirt stays, are at opposite poles from women's dainty stocking garters, which hold up nylon or silk stockings.

Simply put, shirt garters may take some getting used to, but are more than worth the initial effort. Some wearers muse that the only feeling worse than wearing these shirttail garters is not wearing them. However, once they've been used a few times most wearers forget they have them on. Furthermore, it is only a rumor that the metal garter type is capable of setting off airport security metal detectors. Airport security personnel are likely to be wearing them as well.


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