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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Piano Key Suspenders

Suspenders are a handsome alternative to a belt. They have been worn for a long time, and they have rarely gone completely out of style. Lately, they are making a big comeback as style takes a turn towards debonair looks of times long past. Suspender styles range from low-key solid colors, such as khaki, brown or black, to fun designs, colors and patterns. Piano keys suspenders are a good example of a fun style.

Give Them as a Gift

Giving gifts that match a person’s hobbies and interests shows them that people care enough to pay attention. Those who know a pianist or who know someone who is simply a music lover can give piano keys suspenders as a thoughtful gift. Men or women can wear them with either formal or casual clothing or give these suspenders to someone as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or anniversary gift -- or to celebrate a musical achievement.

Add the Suspenders to Your Own Wardrobe

These suspenders make an interesting addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Too often people stick with the basics and avoid adding unique accessories. Accessorizing can immediately take an outfit from dull to fantastic. Worn with a t-shirt or casual long-sleeved shirt, suspenders add quirky, whimsical character. Worn with a formal shirt and jacket, suspenders add old school, debonair style.

Suspenders with themed designs, such as musical notes or piano keys, can act as a conversation starter. At parties, wearing these is one way to stand out from the crowd. Our clothes give implicit messages to others – fun, music-themed accessories voice an interest in music and an interesting personality.

Suspenders Provide Comfort

Many find suspenders to be more comfortable than a belt. In order for a belt to work properly, it needs to be cinched tight enough. This can cause chafing around the middle, for some, and unpleasant constriction. Suspenders can be adjusted for comfort, and yet they will not allow the pants to slide down.

Suspenders Add Fun to a Costume

Piano keys suspenders can be worn day to day, or worn for costume parties, such as on Halloween. Costumes they could be appropriate for include a symphony conductor, mime, or Charlie Chaplin. Those in theatre may also consider this accessory to compliment whimsical characters.

Fashion is about expressing oneself – it is not about wearing the same boring items that everyone else is. Accessories such as these unique piano key suspenders set a person apart from the dull crowd


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