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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music Neck Ties: A Perfect Gift for the Music Lover In Your Life

Often we can find ourselves completely stumped when it comes to gift giving. Some people are just notoriously hard to buy for. When working within a tight budget, this can become an even harder task. For the music lover, a tight budget means the purchase of an expensive instrument or a few tickets to their favorite band's concert are just not feasible. Instead, the gift giver needs to look for something a little less expensive, but still something that reflects the receiver’s passion. Music neck ties are the perfect gift for the men in one’s life that love for all things musically related. They are inexpensive, easy to wrap and there is a wide variety of styles and options to choose from.

When thinking about music neck ties, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the typical music theme. A tie with musical notes, pictures of instruments or something similar is probably what most people will first think of, and these are all great options.

A music teacher, for example, is likely to get great joy from a neck tie that features musical bars and notes or even some of the instruments they play. This would go well with their obvious love of music and would also be appropriate for wearing in their classroom.

One rather unique gift idea would be a neck tie that features the gift recipient’s favorite band or musician. This could be a neck tie with the bands name, symbol or even their picture. Imagine the person's surprise when they unwrap a tie with their favorite artist's picture displayed on it.

Neck ties featuring depictions of album covers can also be a unique and thoughtful idea. If the receiver is a fan of a particular group, you might casually inquire which album by that group is their favorite. This can show that the gift giver put a lot of effort and thought into the purchase and reflect how much they wanted the gift to be something to which the person receiving it would truly enjoy and relate.

Another unique idea, for a person who might have their own band, is to give a custom made tie featuring their own personal group. It might just be the band's name or maybe they have their own logo as well, but it will be about as personal as a gift can get. This type of customization makes for a truly one of a kind gift that most people probably wouldn't even think of.

As with any gift, the key to finding the perfect one is in taking the time to think about what would best reflect the gift receiver’s own personality and passions. Do they love playing guitar? A tie featuring acoustic or electric guitars would work perfectly. Are they more of the classical music type? A tie featuring various instruments used in classical composition, like pianos, might be best suited to that person.

Regardless of what type of music lover the gift receiver is, there are many options when it comes to neck ties that will fit their style and love of music perfectly.


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