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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Make a Splash at The Next Office Party

Office parties are an interesting event, as they are simultaneously an opportunity to blow off steam and a networking event. It is difficult for one to truly let his or herself go and be as social as possible at these events, because the people present are coworkers and even supervisors. The goal at any party where networking is involved is to be memorable, but in a positive way. No one wants to be the person who got too drunk or the one who made an inappropriate joke.

One of the best ways to subtly become more memorable is through clothing. Oftentimes the best-dressed people become the most talked about, but in many cases, this is not a realistic goal. Nice clothing is expensive, and if a lower-wage worker wants to make an impression, it is not always affordable to do it with designer clothing. However, at less-serious parties, novelty clothing can be a great way to stand out from the crowd while staying appropriate. A nice suit with a novelty tie, for instance, is sure to make a positive impression on the room at large.

A novelty neck tie is a tricky item to purchase. One does not want to go for a tie that is too outlandish or strange. Instead, the key is to be subtle but funny. A tie that is close to the theme of the party is always a good idea. Funny holiday ties around an office Christmas party are always a hit. The tie also must be work-appropriate, so nothing crude or sexual. A good way to evaluate a potential tie is not to buy anything that would be inappropriate to wear in front of grandparents.

When wearing a novelty neck tie, it is also important that it is the only funny part of the outfit. An otherwise classy shirt, coat, slacks belt and shoe combination can be made much more memorable and effective with a novelty tie, but if the partygoer tries to combine the outfit with clown shoes or a silly jacket, it starts to become too much. Wearing too outlandish of an outfit is a great way to cross into the wrong kind of memorable.

Classier office parties may be better attended without any kind of novelty clothing, but for those parties that are purely for fun, it might be worth it to stand out in a positive way using a humorous tie. For those who have difficulty initiating conversation, such a tie is an excellent icebreaker, and can get a conversation going very easily. Instead of having nothing to talk about, a socially uncomfortable person can use the tie to allow others to break the ice. A comment about the tie can get a conversation going that may otherwise not be possible.

Ties are a great way for anyone to feel more comfortable, at home, at an office or other networking event. Anyone planning a professional wardrobe should have one or two novelty ties available to wear at such events.


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