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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ascot Ties for Men

Ascot ties for men are designed with a thin neckband that has wide and pointy wings and is traditionally made of silk. These ties are considered apropos mostly for formal wear, such as at a wedding or special event. They have also been worn in many other circumstances, from horse races to high school dances.

Ascots can be found in an array fabrics, despite the fact that silk is the traditional fabric. Don’t be surprised to find them made of velvet, cashmere, or wool materials. When wearing an ascot, the weight of the tie should be matched to the weight of the material the wearer’s shirt is made of, so that it doesn’t weight it down.

Ascots Came About in England

Ascots usually have some sort of colorful and decorative pattern and are worn folded over with a tie tack or some sort of stickpin holding it in place. They evolved from an early type of men’s tie and were first seen in the 1880s. Since that date, it has seen other popular time frames throughout history, mostly in the UK and in the U.S.

It was named after the Ascot Heath Racetrack in England because it was a popular style of men’s ties that were often worn there by spectators of races. One such race was called the Royal Ascot and, inaugurated by Queen Anne of England in 1711. The more fashionable gentlemen who came to watch this famous horse race distinguished themselves by wearing all kinds of fancy and colorful ascot ties, ascots being all the rage at that time.  Ascots remained popular until early in the 20th century. Their popularity re-surged during the 60s and 70s in the U.S. when teenagers became to wear men's Ascot Ties and considered it “cool and mod.”  One of the more famous rock and roll bands of the “British Invasion”, The Kinks, wore them on their first tour and television appearances in the U.S., along with Edwardian coats, lacy shirts and long, flowing hair.  American guys who wanted a bit of “British cool” hastened to find themselves an ascot, to wear with their Beatles haircuts.  They are still worn by some men who want an air of stylish sophistication, and to set themselves apart from everyone else.  Pictures of old Hugh Hefner often show him wearing an ascot with his trademark bathrobe.  Please, don’t let that keep you from trying out an ascot!  They really do look smashing for formal wear, especially if the wedding party is going for a Victorian or Edwardian look, which is a good style if the wedding is scheduled near Christmas.   If you are considering wearing an ascot for a formal affair where tuxedos are rented, it might be more reasonable to buy them on line than to rent them, and the selection and quality would be far better.

How to Tie an Ascot

Some men have trouble tying an ascot, but it actually isn’t that hard. In order to tie one correctly, all that is done is to just pull it around to the back of the neck, then let the left side of it hang about two inches or so longer than the end on the right. After that, wrap the left side over the right one and a half times, and then during the second time around push the left part in through the loop for your neck and then spread it out at the sides.

The ascot is then tucked down into the top part of the wearer’s shirt and centered. To top it off, the wearer can hold it down with a fancy or decorative stickpin or tie tack.  So if a man wants to be seen as someone who is different from the rest of the crowd and wants to look sophisticated by showing off his sense of style and flare, then choosing to wear men’s ascot ties is the fashion choice that should be worn to the next formal event attended.


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