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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Piano Key Suspenders

Suspenders are a handsome alternative to a belt. They have been worn for a long time, and they have rarely gone completely out of style. Lately, they are making a big comeback as style takes a turn towards debonair looks of times long past. Suspender styles range from low-key solid colors, such as khaki, brown or black, to fun designs, colors and patterns. Piano keys suspenders are a good example of a fun style.

Give Them as a Gift

Giving gifts that match a person’s hobbies and interests shows them that people care enough to pay attention. Those who know a pianist or who know someone who is simply a music lover can give piano keys suspenders as a thoughtful gift. Men or women can wear them with either formal or casual clothing or give these suspenders to someone as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or anniversary gift -- or to celebrate a musical achievement.

Add the Suspenders to Your Own Wardrobe

These suspenders make an interesting addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Too often people stick with the basics and avoid adding unique accessories. Accessorizing can immediately take an outfit from dull to fantastic. Worn with a t-shirt or casual long-sleeved shirt, suspenders add quirky, whimsical character. Worn with a formal shirt and jacket, suspenders add old school, debonair style.

Suspenders with themed designs, such as musical notes or piano keys, can act as a conversation starter. At parties, wearing these is one way to stand out from the crowd. Our clothes give implicit messages to others – fun, music-themed accessories voice an interest in music and an interesting personality.

Suspenders Provide Comfort

Many find suspenders to be more comfortable than a belt. In order for a belt to work properly, it needs to be cinched tight enough. This can cause chafing around the middle, for some, and unpleasant constriction. Suspenders can be adjusted for comfort, and yet they will not allow the pants to slide down.

Suspenders Add Fun to a Costume

Piano keys suspenders can be worn day to day, or worn for costume parties, such as on Halloween. Costumes they could be appropriate for include a symphony conductor, mime, or Charlie Chaplin. Those in theatre may also consider this accessory to compliment whimsical characters.

Fashion is about expressing oneself – it is not about wearing the same boring items that everyone else is. Accessories such as these unique piano key suspenders set a person apart from the dull crowd

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mens Skinny Ties

Fashion is one of those life areas that change almost as fast as the seasons change. One thing to keep in mind is that it is almost always a given that those things that were once in and then out of style will again come back in to fashion, and be the hot new trend of the moment. In the men's fashion world one such item is mens skinny ties.
Though many people may think mens skinny ties had their heyday back in the 80's and early 90's, and before that in the early 60’s; it has become very apparent that they are back; and back with a vengeance. You can easily see how they have come back in to fashion simply by flipping through television shows, reading magazines, watching what celebrities wear these days and catching a few male models walk down the runway. In fact, the ties are the in accessory for now and most likely will remain for a while as they are fun, funky, eye catching and give any outfit a new look and feel.

One reason why ties for men are a great purchase is that they have this rare ability to change to look of any outfit in an instant. In fact, you can add a tie to a dress shirt as you leave a casual office setting and be ready to head out to dinner at a nice restaurant with really not having to place much effort or thought in to your outfit. You can also use ties to bring a fun and funky feel to a simple t-shirt if you really want to turn heads as wearing a tie around a shirt and heading out for a night of clubbing will surely get you the attention you seek.

Ties are also a great wardrobe enhancer as they are less expensive when compared against the cost of a new suit, new shirt or even new shoes. You can then afford to purchase a nice assortment of trendy ties so you can really up your wardrobe and be fashionable almost every day of the week; all while having a different tie to wear every day or the week or beyond.

Mens skinny ties can be found in just about every color, pattern, theme or design you could ever possibly imagine. This means you can get a few for fun; a few for business and a few for everyday wear. Just that simple accessory addition will have you looking like you just stepped out of a magazine, know what is in style and look pulled together and trendy at the same time.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wearing a Tie Made Simple

When men decide to dress formally, one of the most widely acceptable accessories is a tie. The biggest problem with wearing a tie is that it takes some serious skill to be able to tie it properly, which can be time consuming. Taking the time to make sure that a tie is knotted properly can mean the difference between being on time or late, and not being able to do so properly may even require the help of someone more experienced. For those that cannot master the art of knotting a necktie or just do not even want to try, there is a simple solution - easy ties, also called zipper ties.

These "easy ties” or “zipper ties”, as they are also called, completely alleviate the need to tie a knot by providing the wearer with an already perfectly tied piece and an adjustable zipper to fit the desired neck size. The zippers are completely hidden within the tie's material so there is no need to worry about looking any less professional or polished than with a normal tie. Anyone that can work a zipper can wear one of these ties, even children.

Looking sharp and appropriately dressed is important in many situations, and can be the first step in feeling confident for a special occasion. Putting on one of these easy ties and not having to stress about whether or not it is knotted and hanging properly can change a person's whole demeanor and may even cause someone's mood to improve dramatically. Getting dressed up is an infrequent occurrence for many, and an uncomfortable one for some, so making the process as easy and painless as possible is important.

These pieces can be found in many places and be worn in just about any situation that requires men to dress a little more formally. The aspect of these ties that is the most appealing is not that they are widely available; it is that they take very little effort to utilize successfully. When worn, these ties look exactly like a regular hand knotted tie, and the only person that will know the difference is the person wearing it.

Many different lengths, sizes, colors and widths are available, so there is sure to be a tie for every occasion. These ties can take the stress out of a situation in many ways, but one of the most important to consider is that wearing an adjustable tie with a zipper can make last minute changes entirely possible. Men can switch these out in only a few seconds without worrying that the final outcome of their knot will look rushed or imperfect - because it does not get changed each time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trendy, But Not Spendy

Far from its humble beginnings in the 17th century, bow ties are making a huge splash in today's fashion. Utilitarian, when first invented in the 17th century, bow ties were used simply to keep the top of shirts closed. Later, the French made this look their own and called them "cravats". A fashion craze was born and the more wealthy members of society enjoyed sporting this look. Bow ties have always signified wealth, upper class and formality. A black tie affair is the traditional home of the bow tie.

In today's fashion climate, bow ties remain the standard for the formal, “black tie" look. Weddings bring out bow ties in every shade of every color and barbershop quartets wouldn't be the same without them. But bow ties aren't just for evenings and Saturday afternoons anymore. They are showing up in colleges, offices, and on the runway. This new breed of bow tie can be formal, flirtatious, fanciful or flamboyant. All are fabulous.

Bow ties went hand in hand in wealth, and that has not seem to have changed if one notices the price tag on these trendy designer creations. Even moderately priced selections are priced too high for trendsetters to amass an entire wardrobe of fanciful neckwear.  A little sleuthing, however, and one can find where to find cheap bow ties that will fit into every budget. Online, there are many sites that specialize only in neckwear. There is a vast selection of both the self-tied and the pre-tied styles. Fabric selections include a wide range of solids, stripes, polka dots and many other patterns. For even greater savings, explore their close out or discontinued area. When searching online, costume and formal wear suppliers often have a large selection of inexpensive accessories. If a group of people need to know where to find cheap bow ties, a large order can be placed with these discount specialty sites, and as an added bonus, larger orders often are shipped free of charge. There are package sets that come four or more of a predetermined selection with varied color and patterns included. This option is a very good choice for getting a high rate of variety for very little cost.

Locally, this may involve a little more legwork. Vintage and resale shops may have the perfect, unique piece at a great price. Depending on the time of year, discount clothing stores will have bow ties, especially children's sizes, at a deep discount. The selection will be very limited, however. Tuxedo rental establishments also have items for sale and occasionally have sales on their "gently used" items. Theatre groups often will sell costumes from a previous season to raise funds for the upcoming productions and this can often net some one of a kind finds. Lastly, the question of where to find cheap bow ties might be answered at home. If one can operate a sewing machine, there are numerous patterns and videos available at fabric shops and online.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ascot Ties for Men

Ascot ties for men are designed with a thin neckband that has wide and pointy wings and is traditionally made of silk. These ties are considered apropos mostly for formal wear, such as at a wedding or special event. They have also been worn in many other circumstances, from horse races to high school dances.

Ascots can be found in an array fabrics, despite the fact that silk is the traditional fabric. Don’t be surprised to find them made of velvet, cashmere, or wool materials. When wearing an ascot, the weight of the tie should be matched to the weight of the material the wearer’s shirt is made of, so that it doesn’t weight it down.

Ascots Came About in England

Ascots usually have some sort of colorful and decorative pattern and are worn folded over with a tie tack or some sort of stickpin holding it in place. They evolved from an early type of men’s tie and were first seen in the 1880s. Since that date, it has seen other popular time frames throughout history, mostly in the UK and in the U.S.

It was named after the Ascot Heath Racetrack in England because it was a popular style of men’s ties that were often worn there by spectators of races. One such race was called the Royal Ascot and, inaugurated by Queen Anne of England in 1711. The more fashionable gentlemen who came to watch this famous horse race distinguished themselves by wearing all kinds of fancy and colorful ascot ties, ascots being all the rage at that time.  Ascots remained popular until early in the 20th century. Their popularity re-surged during the 60s and 70s in the U.S. when teenagers became to wear men's Ascot Ties and considered it “cool and mod.”  One of the more famous rock and roll bands of the “British Invasion”, The Kinks, wore them on their first tour and television appearances in the U.S., along with Edwardian coats, lacy shirts and long, flowing hair.  American guys who wanted a bit of “British cool” hastened to find themselves an ascot, to wear with their Beatles haircuts.  They are still worn by some men who want an air of stylish sophistication, and to set themselves apart from everyone else.  Pictures of old Hugh Hefner often show him wearing an ascot with his trademark bathrobe.  Please, don’t let that keep you from trying out an ascot!  They really do look smashing for formal wear, especially if the wedding party is going for a Victorian or Edwardian look, which is a good style if the wedding is scheduled near Christmas.   If you are considering wearing an ascot for a formal affair where tuxedos are rented, it might be more reasonable to buy them on line than to rent them, and the selection and quality would be far better.

How to Tie an Ascot

Some men have trouble tying an ascot, but it actually isn’t that hard. In order to tie one correctly, all that is done is to just pull it around to the back of the neck, then let the left side of it hang about two inches or so longer than the end on the right. After that, wrap the left side over the right one and a half times, and then during the second time around push the left part in through the loop for your neck and then spread it out at the sides.

The ascot is then tucked down into the top part of the wearer’s shirt and centered. To top it off, the wearer can hold it down with a fancy or decorative stickpin or tie tack.  So if a man wants to be seen as someone who is different from the rest of the crowd and wants to look sophisticated by showing off his sense of style and flare, then choosing to wear men’s ascot ties is the fashion choice that should be worn to the next formal event attended.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tie and Suspenders

Why Would a Man Wear a Tie and Suspenders?

“Everything old is new again.” This adage rings true when it comes to the wearing of men's ties and suspenders. In researching the origin of suspenders, Time Magazine reports, “ the first suspenders can be traced to 18th century France, where they were basically strips of ribbon attached to the buttonholes of trousers.” Back in the day, suspenders were worn for practical purposes; to hold a man's pants up without cinching them at the waist with a belt. Ties, on the other hand, according to Time Magazine, originated in the 1600's, when Croatian soldiers wore a cloth around their neck to sop up sweat. It is said that the French soldiers liked this look and began wearing a cloth “tied” to their neck. From there, modern day neckties and bow ties have evolved. Today, wearing both a tie and suspenders together can be either practical or stylish. Wearing them together can offer a very polished and interesting look, whether in or out of the office setting. There is also a fun side to wearing men's accessories. It allows a man the opportunity to express his individuality. It also brings back the nostalgia of days gone by.

With a return to men wearing this attire, it is important to be aware that there is a “proper” way to wear a tie and a “proper” way to wear suspenders at the same time. Much like the way woman traditionally matched their purse with the color of their shoes, men's suspenders and also their ties typically also match the shade of their shoes. Men can wear either a longer necktie or a bow tie for a balanced look when they are wearing suspenders. Since suspenders replace the need for a belt, belts should not be worn with them.

Weddings, proms, or other formal events are also seeing a resurgence in traditional men's wear. When wearing a tuxedo, often time’s men opt for wearing suspenders. Actually, most men's formal pants are made without belt loops, thus suspenders make a logical accessory. Other accessories may include a cummerbund and even a vest, along with a necktie or bow tie.

Whether young or old, short or tall, men are embracing the return of ties and suspenders. Men's fashion has come full circle, from the 1700's to the present day. Men can wear accessories for business, wear them for fun, wear them to express character, or wear them to look stylish. Whatever the reason, an update in men's fashion may be upon us.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shirt Garters

Professionals Agree That Shirt Garters Are Mandatory For A Classy Appearance

Those who wear shirt garters either love them or abhor them. There seems to be no grey area of feelings toward these purely utilitarian accessories; either an errant one has snapped you, or it has not. Thankfully, most snapping accidents are due to user-error; they either were adjusted too tightly to begin with, or they were not fully secured at one end.

While many people have not even heard of garters for keeping shirttails tucked in, professionals whose job includes a neatly dressed look or crisp uniform are very well acquainted with this great invention. Police officers, bartenders and the military are the biggest groups of elasticized shirt control users, and there are several types to choose from: straight suspenders, Y-shape with garter snaps on both ends and the Y-shape with garter snaps on one end and a loop on the other end, which are also known as stirrup garters. Usually, black is the preferred color.

As their name implies, shirt garters run the length of the leg, underneath the clothes, and attach the shirttail to the top of the wearer's socks. This gives the added benefit of keeping socks from creeping down, with all but the stirrup style. Additionally, women who wear slacks with tucked-in blouses find that these garters keep their blouse in place and prevent a poofy waistline.

Secretaries, who sit for most of their workday, may find that wearing them helps upper garments stay in place. Nothing detracts from a sharp professional appearance faster than wrinkled clothes that have crept out and are now visible. For $20 or less, this is well worth a try for anyone who constantly has to retuck their blouse or shirt into place.

Occasionally, a story comes along about how shirt fasteners are capable of ripping leg hair out, but this is not a proven fact. Made from smooth elasticized materials, there is nothing to grab hold of leg hair. Moreover, a little pain is a small price to pay for not looking like a slob, and besides, this is only folklore. A few words of caution, however; never over tighten the length of shirt tail garters unless you do not mind feeling like a marionette all day.

On the other hand, some gentlemen believe that classy dressing requires that garters on the shirt be worn, and that only a derelict would snicker or make fun of them. Quite manly men have noted that these shirt accessories, also called shirt stays, are at opposite poles from women's dainty stocking garters, which hold up nylon or silk stockings.

Simply put, shirt garters may take some getting used to, but are more than worth the initial effort. Some wearers muse that the only feeling worse than wearing these shirttail garters is not wearing them. However, once they've been used a few times most wearers forget they have them on. Furthermore, it is only a rumor that the metal garter type is capable of setting off airport security metal detectors. Airport security personnel are likely to be wearing them as well.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Enhance Your Outfit with a Pair of Unique Suspenders

People who choose to wear fashion accessories like to use them for expressing the unique personalities they have. There are a number of different accessory items people can choose to wear as accent pieces to their outfits. One of the newest fashion trends in accessories are suspenders. These items are now available in a wide variety of colors and designs which people can use to enhance their fashion style or display pride in their favorite past times.

Suspenders for the Workplace

In the category of unique suspenders, those designed to reflect specific occupations are by far the most unusual. People who work with computers or who enjoy using home computers in their spare time can dress up their work or causal attire with a pair of computer related suspenders. These products have full color images of computer components printed on their outer surface. People who work in the medical profession can wear a pair of white suspenders, which have the traditional EMT symbol, printed on them.

Suspenders for Men

Men often have different past times than women. For this reason the types of unique suspenders available for men include those designed with camouflage prints. These cool suspenders come in a few color options, which can be worn with a pair of camouflage pants, khakis or jeans. Some suspenders revolve around the types of entertainment men like to participate in. Men who enjoy playing card games or other forms of betting games can display their own unique style by wearing one of the gambling designs.

Suspenders for Women

While men generally choose more practical designs for the accessories they wear, women are more likely to choose accessories that will add sparkle and pizzazz to their outfits. The suspenders created with dazzling glitter material can be worn with a button down shirt and a pair of tailored slacks or a long gypsy skirt. Fashionable outfits for women can also be enhanced with any of the solid colored suspenders, the striped suspenders or the suspenders made with polka dots.

Suspenders for Kids

Children love wearing fun items made with bright colors and whimsical characters. The suspenders designed especially for kids reflect this style by having fun images printed on bright colored fabric. Kids can dress up any outfit with a pair of child-sized suspenders with smiley faces, Santa, ducks or flags printed on them. The suspenders for children are also available in sizes and styles designed for older children.  Imagine how much a child might enjoy wearing suspenders that match mom or dad’s pair!
Novelty Suspenders for Everyone

In addition to the designs created to reflect specific hobbies or personalities, there are several styles that can be worn just for fun. The flame design can add an element of wildness to any outfit, while the skull and crossbones pattern can be worn to enhance a Gothic look or a Halloween costume. The retro peace symbol pattern or the delightful smiley face pattern can be worn by anyone looking to brighten up his or her day. From holiday symbols to military emblems, today's suspenders come in an array of patterns designed to appeal to everyone.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music Neck Ties: A Perfect Gift for the Music Lover In Your Life

Often we can find ourselves completely stumped when it comes to gift giving. Some people are just notoriously hard to buy for. When working within a tight budget, this can become an even harder task. For the music lover, a tight budget means the purchase of an expensive instrument or a few tickets to their favorite band's concert are just not feasible. Instead, the gift giver needs to look for something a little less expensive, but still something that reflects the receiver’s passion. Music neck ties are the perfect gift for the men in one’s life that love for all things musically related. They are inexpensive, easy to wrap and there is a wide variety of styles and options to choose from.

When thinking about music neck ties, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the typical music theme. A tie with musical notes, pictures of instruments or something similar is probably what most people will first think of, and these are all great options.

A music teacher, for example, is likely to get great joy from a neck tie that features musical bars and notes or even some of the instruments they play. This would go well with their obvious love of music and would also be appropriate for wearing in their classroom.

One rather unique gift idea would be a neck tie that features the gift recipient’s favorite band or musician. This could be a neck tie with the bands name, symbol or even their picture. Imagine the person's surprise when they unwrap a tie with their favorite artist's picture displayed on it.

Neck ties featuring depictions of album covers can also be a unique and thoughtful idea. If the receiver is a fan of a particular group, you might casually inquire which album by that group is their favorite. This can show that the gift giver put a lot of effort and thought into the purchase and reflect how much they wanted the gift to be something to which the person receiving it would truly enjoy and relate.

Another unique idea, for a person who might have their own band, is to give a custom made tie featuring their own personal group. It might just be the band's name or maybe they have their own logo as well, but it will be about as personal as a gift can get. This type of customization makes for a truly one of a kind gift that most people probably wouldn't even think of.

As with any gift, the key to finding the perfect one is in taking the time to think about what would best reflect the gift receiver’s own personality and passions. Do they love playing guitar? A tie featuring acoustic or electric guitars would work perfectly. Are they more of the classical music type? A tie featuring various instruments used in classical composition, like pianos, might be best suited to that person.

Regardless of what type of music lover the gift receiver is, there are many options when it comes to neck ties that will fit their style and love of music perfectly.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Make a Splash at The Next Office Party

Office parties are an interesting event, as they are simultaneously an opportunity to blow off steam and a networking event. It is difficult for one to truly let his or herself go and be as social as possible at these events, because the people present are coworkers and even supervisors. The goal at any party where networking is involved is to be memorable, but in a positive way. No one wants to be the person who got too drunk or the one who made an inappropriate joke.

One of the best ways to subtly become more memorable is through clothing. Oftentimes the best-dressed people become the most talked about, but in many cases, this is not a realistic goal. Nice clothing is expensive, and if a lower-wage worker wants to make an impression, it is not always affordable to do it with designer clothing. However, at less-serious parties, novelty clothing can be a great way to stand out from the crowd while staying appropriate. A nice suit with a novelty tie, for instance, is sure to make a positive impression on the room at large.

A novelty neck tie is a tricky item to purchase. One does not want to go for a tie that is too outlandish or strange. Instead, the key is to be subtle but funny. A tie that is close to the theme of the party is always a good idea. Funny holiday ties around an office Christmas party are always a hit. The tie also must be work-appropriate, so nothing crude or sexual. A good way to evaluate a potential tie is not to buy anything that would be inappropriate to wear in front of grandparents.

When wearing a novelty neck tie, it is also important that it is the only funny part of the outfit. An otherwise classy shirt, coat, slacks belt and shoe combination can be made much more memorable and effective with a novelty tie, but if the partygoer tries to combine the outfit with clown shoes or a silly jacket, it starts to become too much. Wearing too outlandish of an outfit is a great way to cross into the wrong kind of memorable.

Classier office parties may be better attended without any kind of novelty clothing, but for those parties that are purely for fun, it might be worth it to stand out in a positive way using a humorous tie. For those who have difficulty initiating conversation, such a tie is an excellent icebreaker, and can get a conversation going very easily. Instead of having nothing to talk about, a socially uncomfortable person can use the tie to allow others to break the ice. A comment about the tie can get a conversation going that may otherwise not be possible.

Ties are a great way for anyone to feel more comfortable, at home, at an office or other networking event. Anyone planning a professional wardrobe should have one or two novelty ties available to wear at such events.