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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ties for Tall Men

Tall men are imposing and memorable. Height has ladder-free advantages such as reaching the top shelf, changing light bulbs, and washing the top of the car. Despite these advantages, tall men have troubles dressing fashionably. One example of this is wearing ties. It is often difficult to find ties for tall men.

How a tie is worn is very important. There are liberties that can be taken with the styles and with the supporting clothes. Whether it is worn with a denim or Armani jacket, with an open or closed collar, with the tail hidden or showing, the rule on length must be followed.

Whatever is done with a tie to accommodate height, it is not to be worn short. The range for where a tie should reach extends from the top of the belt buckle to the middle of the belt buckle. Height is not an excuse for a short tie.

There are some tie makers that make ties for tall men. Extra long ties are an option.  Unfortunately, styles may be limited with the smaller selection. There are options for tall men who want to wear that one perfect normal length tie.

Use a smaller knot. Taller men have fewer knot choices. The Windsor is likely out altogether. The Pratt and the Half Windsor are options. It is best to stick with a simple small knot. The most common is called the Four In Hand knot. It is also the simplest to tie. While it was out of fashion for a period of time during a big Windsor knot push, the Four In Hand knot is back in fashion.

If you prefer the larger knots, you can have your existing tie modified. There is a significant portion of the tie that is not visible to anyone else. Many tailors can easily add a length of fabric to the tie. While this may not be the best option for that exceptional Burberry tie stashed for special occasions, no one can tell that it had been modified.

Some men are tall enough that the above ideas get the tie almost to the belt buckle, but not quite. In such a pinch, a jacket can be worn. With the jacket on and buttoned, tie length is not an issue. When sitting, the jacket can be unbuttoned without revealing the tie length issue.

Another option if one is truly distressed by tie options due to height, is to wear a bow tie. This is not an option any average man is capable of successfully executing. Ties are an expression of personality. Some personalities support wearing a bow tie, while some do not.

In the end, there are options for ties for tall men that allow the wearer to meet the one rule on length.   But the best option would be to buy ties that are designed for tall men.  Why go through all the options listed above when a lovely selection of ties for tall men is available at Absolute Ties?


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