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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Perfecting Your Look

Blue and Silver Stripe Tie and Hanky Set
The best way to perfect a formal holiday look is found in the details. Your suit should be pressed and free of wrinkles. The shirt should be starched as well to create a smooth overall look. Of course, the right tie and cufflinks will make or break the look as well. The detail that many men fall short on is matching handkerchiefs for their front pocket. This little addition to a suit can bring it to the next level of class and sophistication.

If you buy matching tie and hanky sets, then you are one step closer to the ideal look for a man's suit. You can find tie and hanky sets in coordinating colors and patterns at major department stores. Most of the men's tie and hanky sets come in similar colors. However, the edgier designer men's tie and hanky sets will come in contrasting colors to add some spice to a look. You will need several sets to go with the different colored suits that you own. Try to think outside the box when buying tie and hanky sets in order to keep your look varied.

Little boys will love their own sets too. You should consider buying your son a matching boy's tie and hanky set. They will love looking just like their dad. Plus, it might make them more likely to wear a suit if they get to sport a cool tie and hanky. Boy's tie and hanky sets often come in similar color schemes as the adult version. You are bound to find a matching set to match dad’s.

Tall men should not worry because there is such a thing as extra long ties and hanky sets. You do not have to worry about a buying a tie that is too short! Thanks to extra long ties and hanky sets, you can look just as good as everyone else. This set will add some much needed sophistication to your look. If you want to be a trendsetter in the office, then an extra long tie and hanky set are just what you need!

Many men complain that they get tired of wearing the same thing every day. They think that a suit can be boring and plain. However, it does not have to be if they were to invest in hanky and tie sets. These matching pieces can really bring a professional look together. Remember, it is all in the details!


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