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Monday, December 24, 2012

How and When to Wear Solid Color Silk Ties

There they are, a group of men dressed up looking like penguins going to work. Suits or Sports Coats all, very generic looking. Wait! Do you notice something? One of the men in the group looks a little different! What is it? It’s his solid colored silk tie! What, no striped “power” tie? What a wonderful, and fun way for him to express himself.

Wearing a tie makes a man look like he cares about his looks. You can tell a lot about a man by the tie he wears. For instance a black tie brings to mind a very formal affair thus the saying (black tie event).

Color says so much, look at that man for instance; he is wearing a solid orange silk tie with a dark brown pinstriped suite. That makes a statement. It is an excellent way to express oneself.

A blue tie says that a person is very confident, someone you can trust. Green shows a down to earth type of attitude. A dark shade of green connotes stability and a serious of personality. Red says in charge and not afraid of the challenge. Orange is a very outgoing color and makes a first impression that won’t soon be forgotten. A deep purple colored tie says royal, and a person with a vision. While pink appears gentle and approachable, it takes a confident person to wear it.

There are many colors of the rainbow and there are just as many colors of ties. Silk ties are the most popular type of necktie. Solid colored silk ties are most often worn with office attire, or formal wear. The silk tie boosts confidence and makes the wearer look much more professional.

Wearing a bright solid colored silk tie is a very intelligent decision when attending a business meeting. That is a good way to get to know people. Wear a tie that makes a statement; people will talk, almost everyone will comment on the look or color of a tie. How many contacts have come just because a tie of a different color?

There are as many reasons for different ties as there are the people who wear them. As you look around the room notice several men are wearing solid colored silk ties. On first glance all of the men might have looked like penguins, but on closer observation, without knowing anything about the person, you can tell a lot about each and every one. Next time you select your tie for the day stop and think, what do you want to say without saying a word?


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