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Friday, December 7, 2012

Give The Gift Of Striped Ties

Blue, Silver and White Stripe Silk Tie
Fads in men’s fashion come and go. Thankfully most of them go and are never heard from again. Men have been forced to live through the t-shirt and ice cream colored blazers of the 80’s, the wide lapels and polyester suits of the 70’s and many more abominations that have masqueraded as fashion.

Striped ties are a classic that belongs in every man’s wardrobe. Even though there are many different styles of striped ties out there, choosing the right tie is a fairly easy process.

The first thing to consider is the shape and size of the tie. The standard tie is 57 inches long. Anything longer than that and the tie will just not look right and will hang too far below the belt line. The width of a classic tie is between 3 ¼ to 3 ¾ inches. There are many skinny ties out there but men's striped ties look best in the standard width.

The next consideration is the fabric of the tie. Silk is a classic tie material but other natural materials such as wool or cashmere are good choices as well. Stripe ties look best when they are made from silk. It is also important to recognize that silk comes in varying degrees of quality. Heavy, tightly woven silk will make the best ties.

The construction of the tie is the final thing to consider when selecting a tie. To determine if a tie has been properly constructed simply hold the tie up from the narrow end. The tie should hang straight. If it twists or turns, it is an indication that the material was not cut correctly and it will not hang right when it is tied around the neck.

By following these few simple steps selecting the right men's striped ties should be a breeze.


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