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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Suspenders For Kids

What is cuter than suspenders for kids? Not much! Whether it's your daughter or son there are tons of adorable suspenders for kids. There are so many different kinds of suspenders out there today. I think any child would look adorable in suspenders.

Imagine, Christmas tree or Santa Clause suspenders for the Christmas season. How cute your child is going to look in that picture with Santa, the one that you send to the family every year. Suspenders for Easter, American flag for the fourth of July, cute little pumpkin suspenders for your little trick or treater. Whatever season it may be, there is a suspender to match the occasion perfectly.

Kids suspenders come in all kinds of different varieties, plain, plaid, holiday decor and so many others. Plenty to go around to match any outfit you plan on your child  wearing. How about school days? People are sure to get a kick out of some adorable little suspenders. Their friends will probably go home begging their parents for a pair. Your child may even start a fashion trend in school. Whatever the situation, your kiddo is sure to turn some heads when they walk in rocking a pair of suspenders for kids.

Maybe you have a son, the little handy man who wants to dress just like daddy. Why not a pair of matching suspenders for dad and son?  Imagine looking out the window and seeing your son copying every move daddy makes, while rocking their matching suspenders. But don't think that suspenders are just for boys -   they are for little girls too. If she likes helping mommy in the garden, why not get her a pair that represents bright colors and flowers? Or maybe your little girl loves dancing, how happy would she be to own a pair of suspenders with ballet slippers printed on them? Mommy and daughter can match too, or daddy and daughter. How about twins? Can you just see the looks on peoples’ faces when they see your twins in a set of matching suspenders? That is sure to turn some heads, and let the compliments fly. There are so many options out there, why not have the whole family wearing matching suspenders.

So next time you’re at the department store or shopping online, be sure to check out suspenders for your child. I bet you'll find a pair that you just can't live without seeing on your kids. Admit it, you'll find a pair that are absolutely adorable, and you'll find yourself picking them up and thinking to yourself how cute they will look with that little pink or blue outfit you just bought. You won't be disappointed. How could you be, when you see how adorable your child will look when wearing them? Go on, you know you want some, maybe even for yourself!

Great Gentlemen Wear Great Bow Ties

It's very elementary, dear friends. A gentleman wears a bow tie. It is a perfect men's fashion accessory---timeless, elegant and classic. One must think Cary Grant. He was always dressed in a solid black self-tie bowtie for those formal movie scenes and red carpet events. Just like great taste- great bow ties can be acquired.

The bow tie is usually available in three different styles--the self-tie bow, the pre-tied banded bow, and the clip-on bow. Most of them are made in fabrics of polyester, silk, cotton, and sometimes even in satin or wool. Bow ties are usually made in solid colors, but there are also stripes, plaids, and so on. Winston Churchill was famous for putting on a blue bow tie with white polka dots. There are also logo bow ties. For instance, Playboy Enterprises had a signature bow tie with the bunny (rabbit) as its corporate icon.

A lot of men are intimidated by the self-tie bow tie, and are unsure how a perfect knot is achieved. However, tie experts can't figure what all the fuss is about, because a bow tie is tied using a regular shoelace knot. In other words, if one can tie ones shoes, then one can tie great bow ties. If one is still feeling all thumbs, there are a number of online videos that demonstrate tying a bow tie step-by-step.

The bow tie has been around for ages. It actually came to be in the 17th Century, during the Prussian Wars. Croatian freedom fighters wore bright scarves to distinguish the officer from the enlisted man. The French who were joined with the Croats in battle, liked the look and later adopted the neck adornment as their own.

In the United States, bow ties became most popular through the 1940s and 1950s. One often associates this fashion accessory for professors or conservative employees, but the bow tie today, is welcome in all corners of the world for all occasions. One does not have to be a stuffy aristocrat or tax lawyer to look sophisticated.

Great bow ties have made a great comeback and are available at many online shopping sites. Famous celebrities like David Beckham, Harry Styles, Robert Pattinson, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Zac Efron, and Justin Timberlake, are just a few young gentlemen photographed recently in a handsome bow tie at various public events.

The band ZZ Top probably summed it up best in their old hit Sharp Dressed Man:

"Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don't know where I am goin' to
Silk suit, black tie
I don't need a reason why

They come runnin' just as fast as they can
'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man."

Monday, December 24, 2012

How and When to Wear Solid Color Silk Ties

There they are, a group of men dressed up looking like penguins going to work. Suits or Sports Coats all, very generic looking. Wait! Do you notice something? One of the men in the group looks a little different! What is it? It’s his solid colored silk tie! What, no striped “power” tie? What a wonderful, and fun way for him to express himself.

Wearing a tie makes a man look like he cares about his looks. You can tell a lot about a man by the tie he wears. For instance a black tie brings to mind a very formal affair thus the saying (black tie event).

Color says so much, look at that man for instance; he is wearing a solid orange silk tie with a dark brown pinstriped suite. That makes a statement. It is an excellent way to express oneself.

A blue tie says that a person is very confident, someone you can trust. Green shows a down to earth type of attitude. A dark shade of green connotes stability and a serious of personality. Red says in charge and not afraid of the challenge. Orange is a very outgoing color and makes a first impression that won’t soon be forgotten. A deep purple colored tie says royal, and a person with a vision. While pink appears gentle and approachable, it takes a confident person to wear it.

There are many colors of the rainbow and there are just as many colors of ties. Silk ties are the most popular type of necktie. Solid colored silk ties are most often worn with office attire, or formal wear. The silk tie boosts confidence and makes the wearer look much more professional.

Wearing a bright solid colored silk tie is a very intelligent decision when attending a business meeting. That is a good way to get to know people. Wear a tie that makes a statement; people will talk, almost everyone will comment on the look or color of a tie. How many contacts have come just because a tie of a different color?

There are as many reasons for different ties as there are the people who wear them. As you look around the room notice several men are wearing solid colored silk ties. On first glance all of the men might have looked like penguins, but on closer observation, without knowing anything about the person, you can tell a lot about each and every one. Next time you select your tie for the day stop and think, what do you want to say without saying a word?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wild neckties can help you make a statement

There are many different situations where a man will wear a neck tie. Whether it is in the office, at a formal event or just to dress up when out on the town every situation calls for a different type of neck tie. The personality of the tie owner also plays a roll in what type of tie he will wear. A conservative man will most likely wear a conservative tie, while a man with a sense of humor and a desire for self-expression will be more likely to wear a tie with Santa Clause during the Christmas season.

Wild neckties are more common for those men who are looking to make a statement. These neckties are normally worn by a confident man, who wants to be noticed. There is often no rhyme or reason to the patterns on a wild necktie, it is almost like a Picasso painting on a man's tie.

Wild neckties will help a man stand out from the crowd. It will show that he has the confidence to stand out and may help others notice him. Whether in the office or at an event, it is very likely that a wild tie will attract some attention. The key is making this attention 'positive attention'. Wearing a necktie that breaks the traditional rules of formal wear may have drawbacks if you are not careful. There still needs to be some sort of method to the madness of the tie. Be sure that the tie is the only chaotic part of the wardrobe, if you wear a wild suit with your wild tie you are crossing line in to be the 'goofy guy' and you will not be taken seriously.

There are many places to purchase a tie that will help you stand out from the crowd. When shopping online for a new tie, it is important to think about what you will wear with this tie. Be sure that it goes with clothes you already own, or else you may be stuck purchasing a whole new outfit just to match with your new tie. Online shopping will allow you to compare thousands of different ties and if you put in the time you will ultimately find the one tie to help you make the statement you are looking to make.

Good luck on your search for wild neckties. Just remember to control the chaos if you want to be taken seriously. A wild necktie can help you make a statement and stand out from the crowd, but beware taking the outfit too far. Just remember that if you can't point out the goofball in the room, that it is you!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skinny is The New Everyday Trend

Ties are an important addition to any guy's outfit. They have been around since the culture of formal dress. Usually paired with a button down dress shirt and slacks, a tie can upgrade a look and help men achieve a clean cut image. Wearing a tie helps to change how others perceive you and that is why it is important to look clean and dress accordingly. Image is especially important to men in the work place, but that doesn't mean men have to jeopardize style in order to have a positive image. Skinny is the new look.

Skinny ties are the new look that helps men adjust a fashionable look. Skip out on the out-dated look of having a button down, jacket, and thick tie. That seems to be the trend of the last generation. Men of all ages in this generation is going for the skinny tie style which can be matched with almost anything and can be fit for every setting.

Dress shirts, dress down shirts, t-shirts, skinny ties can be paired with all of the above and topped with or without a blazer. Skip out on the slacks for a day or two and go with a pair of fitted or skinny dark blue jeans. Your style will be upgraded to a whole new level and you will be the star of the show.

With all sizes of skinny ties, you can find the one that matches your body style. The skinnier you are, the skinnier your tie should be. Go bold and pair your outfit with a tie that is a blast of color, breaking out from the mono trend and matchy-matchy style. Take it to a whole new level and pair bold color skinny ties with a bright pair of colored jeans or trousers. Break the trend and create your own.

The skinny tie style is a fashion trend that is on the rise, not only for men, but women as well. As we start to look at the different fashion styles in the world, we see that it is a popular addition to any outfit. The guy’s style is gradually growing in the style of everyday women. It is a new style of attraction that women can bring to the work place rather dressing up with a suited pencil skirt and matching blazer. Fashion is on the rise, and there is no need to stick to the same boring trends.

You can even see parents of this generation dress up their children with skinny ties for formal events and such. Skip the bow tie and traditional tie, the skinny tie style is definitely the way to go now. It is the cutest thing to see a fashionable child and of course, there is appraisal for that.

We are what make fashion and therefore, breaking outside of the box and creating your own style is what is acceptable and encouraged today. We are no longer in the generation where everyone should have the same style. Create your own look with your skinny tie and remember  -  be BOLD about it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ties for Tall Men

Tall men are imposing and memorable. Height has ladder-free advantages such as reaching the top shelf, changing light bulbs, and washing the top of the car. Despite these advantages, tall men have troubles dressing fashionably. One example of this is wearing ties. It is often difficult to find ties for tall men.

How a tie is worn is very important. There are liberties that can be taken with the styles and with the supporting clothes. Whether it is worn with a denim or Armani jacket, with an open or closed collar, with the tail hidden or showing, the rule on length must be followed.

Whatever is done with a tie to accommodate height, it is not to be worn short. The range for where a tie should reach extends from the top of the belt buckle to the middle of the belt buckle. Height is not an excuse for a short tie.

There are some tie makers that make ties for tall men. Extra long ties are an option.  Unfortunately, styles may be limited with the smaller selection. There are options for tall men who want to wear that one perfect normal length tie.

Use a smaller knot. Taller men have fewer knot choices. The Windsor is likely out altogether. The Pratt and the Half Windsor are options. It is best to stick with a simple small knot. The most common is called the Four In Hand knot. It is also the simplest to tie. While it was out of fashion for a period of time during a big Windsor knot push, the Four In Hand knot is back in fashion.

If you prefer the larger knots, you can have your existing tie modified. There is a significant portion of the tie that is not visible to anyone else. Many tailors can easily add a length of fabric to the tie. While this may not be the best option for that exceptional Burberry tie stashed for special occasions, no one can tell that it had been modified.

Some men are tall enough that the above ideas get the tie almost to the belt buckle, but not quite. In such a pinch, a jacket can be worn. With the jacket on and buttoned, tie length is not an issue. When sitting, the jacket can be unbuttoned without revealing the tie length issue.

Another option if one is truly distressed by tie options due to height, is to wear a bow tie. This is not an option any average man is capable of successfully executing. Ties are an expression of personality. Some personalities support wearing a bow tie, while some do not.

In the end, there are options for ties for tall men that allow the wearer to meet the one rule on length.   But the best option would be to buy ties that are designed for tall men.  Why go through all the options listed above when a lovely selection of ties for tall men is available at Absolute Ties?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Perfecting Your Look

Blue and Silver Stripe Tie and Hanky Set
The best way to perfect a formal holiday look is found in the details. Your suit should be pressed and free of wrinkles. The shirt should be starched as well to create a smooth overall look. Of course, the right tie and cufflinks will make or break the look as well. The detail that many men fall short on is matching handkerchiefs for their front pocket. This little addition to a suit can bring it to the next level of class and sophistication.

If you buy matching tie and hanky sets, then you are one step closer to the ideal look for a man's suit. You can find tie and hanky sets in coordinating colors and patterns at major department stores. Most of the men's tie and hanky sets come in similar colors. However, the edgier designer men's tie and hanky sets will come in contrasting colors to add some spice to a look. You will need several sets to go with the different colored suits that you own. Try to think outside the box when buying tie and hanky sets in order to keep your look varied.

Little boys will love their own sets too. You should consider buying your son a matching boy's tie and hanky set. They will love looking just like their dad. Plus, it might make them more likely to wear a suit if they get to sport a cool tie and hanky. Boy's tie and hanky sets often come in similar color schemes as the adult version. You are bound to find a matching set to match dad’s.

Tall men should not worry because there is such a thing as extra long ties and hanky sets. You do not have to worry about a buying a tie that is too short! Thanks to extra long ties and hanky sets, you can look just as good as everyone else. This set will add some much needed sophistication to your look. If you want to be a trendsetter in the office, then an extra long tie and hanky set are just what you need!

Many men complain that they get tired of wearing the same thing every day. They think that a suit can be boring and plain. However, it does not have to be if they were to invest in hanky and tie sets. These matching pieces can really bring a professional look together. Remember, it is all in the details!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Give The Gift Of Striped Ties

Blue, Silver and White Stripe Silk Tie
Fads in men’s fashion come and go. Thankfully most of them go and are never heard from again. Men have been forced to live through the t-shirt and ice cream colored blazers of the 80’s, the wide lapels and polyester suits of the 70’s and many more abominations that have masqueraded as fashion.

Striped ties are a classic that belongs in every man’s wardrobe. Even though there are many different styles of striped ties out there, choosing the right tie is a fairly easy process.

The first thing to consider is the shape and size of the tie. The standard tie is 57 inches long. Anything longer than that and the tie will just not look right and will hang too far below the belt line. The width of a classic tie is between 3 ¼ to 3 ¾ inches. There are many skinny ties out there but men's striped ties look best in the standard width.

The next consideration is the fabric of the tie. Silk is a classic tie material but other natural materials such as wool or cashmere are good choices as well. Stripe ties look best when they are made from silk. It is also important to recognize that silk comes in varying degrees of quality. Heavy, tightly woven silk will make the best ties.

The construction of the tie is the final thing to consider when selecting a tie. To determine if a tie has been properly constructed simply hold the tie up from the narrow end. The tie should hang straight. If it twists or turns, it is an indication that the material was not cut correctly and it will not hang right when it is tied around the neck.

By following these few simple steps selecting the right men's striped ties should be a breeze.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bring on the Cheer with Suspenders

Santa Christmas Suspenders
The cold is creeping in, the leaves are finally blowing off the trees, and the last bits of color are disappearing from nature's landscape under a blanket of wetness or snow. It is winter, and that means Christmas is coming! Parades, parties, and cozy gatherings mean everyone must look their holiday best throughout most of the season.

Tradition dictates an abundance of green and red. However, a sweater is not always the most comfortable or practical attire. That is why Christmas suspenders can bring the holiday look together. Worn under a sweater, they serve a practical purpose. When it gets too warm to remain bundled, the sweater comes off, yet the festive and colorful suspenders remain and the Christmas spirit shines through.

Christmas suspenders are the perfect tool to bring color to the winter world. Not only that, Christmas suspenders for men reveal a playful attitude without having to resort to crazy antics. Of course, the stretchy give in the suspenders will not stop any of those same antics. Some might argue that a man wearing suspenders can get away with more silliness than a man in more serious attire. Whatever a man's personality, he will look sharp when he wears suspenders.

Aside from bringing a colorful and festive spirit, Christmas suspenders for men are very practical. Simply clip the suspenders on the waistband of a comfortable pair of pants, and forget about it. They adjust to fit just right and hold up your pants even after the most indulgent of holiday feasts with no fumbling about with buckles and belt loops. Christmas suspenders are available in a variety of motifs and colors to coordinate with any outfit and bring out the cheer from any personality.