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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Give The Gift Of A Professional Look

Navy Dotted Tie
When it comes to fashion, many people automatically think of hair styles, expensive shoes, and designer clothes. But these things are not the only trends when it comes to creating a certain look. Ties are an interesting a sometimes even bold statement that can complete a wardrobe.

Professional ties like bow ties are primarily worn at weddings by the groom and groomsmen but can be worn for various other occasions. They are typically viewed as “professional ties” worn by business men and doctors, but bow ties are also an exciting and bold statement when worn by clowns.

Silk ties are by far the most popular type of formal tie to wear. Silk ties are typically worn on special occasions, to formal dinners, and other formal events. The silk tie is both elegant and professional looking and definitely makes a great first impression.

Solid color ties are the most common “everyday” tie to wear. Solid color ties can be worn to anything from business meetings, to dinner, or even to a family gathering. Wearing a bold solid color tie is a great way to express yourself.

Polka dot ties aren’t just for fun and games. Though most people view polka dot ties as being childish and completely unprofessional, some view them as a completely professional wardrobe piece. When shopping for a polka dot tie, one should always remember to avoid large dots. This gives off the impression that you can’t be taken seriously. Look for ties that have smaller dots. Doing so will give you a more professional look since smaller polka dots are a more professional tie pattern, as opposed to large dots which gives the appearance that you just ended your work shift as being Bobo the clown at a child’s birthday party.

Paisley ties are timed back all the way to the early 1500s. Though these ties were all the rave in ancient history, it doesn’t make them out of date now. Paisley ties give off a very distinguished and bold look. These ties can be worn by those in a professional career or even to those going to an edgy party.

All in all, ties are not just an accessory. They can be the center of your entire outfit’s attention. Whether your goal is to have a laid back professional look or even an edgy bold look, a tie can express so much more then you could ever imagine.


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