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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Be The Laughing Stock At This Year's Christmas Party

Santa Curley Christmas Tie
Don't let your hideous Christmas sweater attend this year's Christmas Party alone. Brown, green, and red polyblend emblazoned with 3-D reindeer and a raffia fringe Santa deserves just the right accompaniment. Wear a green and red pinstripe button down 70s business shirt under that horrific V-neck sweater, and pull the whole dreadful ensemble together with one of a variety of funny Christmas ties.

If clothes make the man, then crazy Christmas ties make the dunce. Just like the right tie can lend impact and gravitas to the right suit, conveying a man's sense of style and taste, funny Christmas ties can convey a man's sense of humor... or his encroaching dementia. It takes a mighty man to pull off an edgy, super trendy tie, but it takes a Schmuck Of The Highest order of Shmuckstivity to wear a Three Stooges Caroling tie.

Don't deprive yourself of the laughs you deserve (and the thoughts of concern for your sanity), and go one further by gifting your family and friends with crazy Christmas ties. Funny Christmas ties are even more hilarious when worn by women, though if any women you know should do so, see that afterward they promptly receive a psyche evaluation.

Nothing challenges the sanity of Christmas party guests and gives them a huge, healthy dose of comic relief better than crazy Christmas ties. If images of Santa and Red Nose Rudolph types are more to your liking, choose a Santa capped chili peppers tie or a reindeer skier’s tie!


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