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Friday, October 26, 2012

Need to Look Good in a Snap?

Blue Stripe Zipper Tie
Snappy ties equate to zipper ties and are in for even the most discriminating crowds. Bedazzle from Halloween thru Christmas with zipper ties for men, zipper ties for boys and extra long zipper ties with matching socks.

Winter months may not allow showing off your socks; but the zipper tie will be a conversation piece and the looking good has only just begun.

Just imagine arriving at a social event with your calling card around your neck in accentuating color format. Whether it is a stockbroker, car dealer or patriot, the arrival is sure to be noticed and bring smiles of approval. Even the ever popular Jerry Garcia would love seeing his advertising on zipper ties. That perfect gift is all zipped up to adjust to any situation or neck size.

Boy's zipper ties range in length from 11" to 17" and are appropriate for their age. Boys will be boys when going from flamboyant to simplistic. University stripes document enrollment in prominent universities for the Ivy League boys.

Girls should not feel left out because Ellen Degeneres brought a whole new look to the talk show screen. She shows off all of her talents and so can any other girl. Perhaps the holiday Christmas socks and zipper tie will help to accentuate the worn denim in a demi coat.

Thanksgiving and Christmas have matching suspenders to really snap up the outfit. Add a holiday vest and one is all decked out for the halls of dining pleasure. Traditional attire just got snappy!


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