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Friday, September 14, 2012

Skinny Ties - Still for Nerds, But for Grownup Ones

Black Skinny Tie
Feel like Don Draper and his big ties have way too much swagger for you? Would you rather dance to Buddy Holly than Nickleback? If so, then skinny ties are the ties for you. College men and indie rockers the world over have been texturizing the bejeezus out of these nifty little fifties gifties since 2009, and in the latest incarnation, they've taken on a smart, snappy professionalism without losing the playfulness that we all love. Behold: the black skinny tie! Wear to a cutesy wedding, pair with a cardigan and a pair of black jeans, or even with a coat for your workaday needs.

Other solid colored skinny ties can take their place in your gaming room of sartorial delight any time the occasion calls for fun, mussed hair or a casual business meeting over coffee. Skinny ties - tie of nerdy teenagers and men in the know everywhere.

If you're going out for the night, roll up your cuffs, loosen one of our black skinny ties around your neck, throw on some jeans and revel with your friends and cute Zooey Deschanel look-alikes with those adorable bangs like a pro. Do you know how Joseph Gordon Levitt showed up on New Girl? Skinny tie. Why do women want to drag you to that intimate live set by the National? The lead singer's black skinny ties. They scream sexy, independent, and roguish with a hint of boy. Just the kind of guy you know you are inside.

Skinny ties for men are the articulate response to the ultra conservative in corporate.


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