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Friday, September 28, 2012

Show Your Goofy Side With Character Ties

The Hulk Tie

    It’s already hard enough for some people to go into work having to swap out a carefree mood for office professionalism but there are still ways to escape the confines of a cubicle and shine a little light for everyone to see. Character ties can help remind people of good times to come in the work week.

 It’s important to have something to look forward to besides the upcoming weekend and it’s just as important to have workers on their toes and in a great mood. Happier workers are more productive workers, and it never hurts to brighten someone’s day with a simple gesture, like wearing cartoon character neckties.
    From video games to classic cartoons, there are character ties to suit any mood, event, or personality type and they can range from outrageously cartoonish to surprisingly classy. Just because the buttons go up for work doesn’t mean they have to tighten around the neck until Friday.

    With just the right touch or a bit of fashion sense, cartoon character neckties featuring an animation favorite can be a striking addition to your suit or an anchor to your wardrobe to pull an entire outfit together. The right tie at the right time can be a deal breaker in a lot of situations. From first impressions to just helping lift someone’s spirits, maybe today’s the right day to step away from the land of grown-ups and dive back into childhood, briefcase first.
No matter the reason it’s always a good idea to let out the inner child once in a while with a fun novelty tie. Getting the imagination up and running and ready to go is good for the head and heart.


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