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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jerry Garcia Ties

Jerry Garcia Alligator Works Tie

Thanks to the art work of Jerry Garcia, a tie as a gift for dad loses the reputation as "another boring tie." Men will want Jerry Garcia silk ties for their own collection, picking them out themselves in addition to receiving these unique ties as gifts.

Although better known as the lead member of the popular 1960's rock band the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia was also once a talented art student at the San Francisco Art Institute, a top school for aspiring artists. He had an eye for design and excelled in visual arts. Now, posthumously, his talent for producing paintings is celebrated in designer ties that are distributed by Mulberry Neck Wear.

Jerry Garcia ties represent many different collections. Like a masterpiece on a tie, they represent many of his paintings. Imagine wearing the likes of his painting Mushrooms with swirls of warm, psychedelic colors, or the whimsical Butterfly Study. These ties will be attractive for wearing as well as great for a conversation starter. Collect them almost like art work, and display them as well as wear them! Each designer tie carries a number denoting the collection it is from. They are named as well, just like paintings. There are hundreds to choose from, and best of all, they don't cost anywhere near the price of a masterpiece. In fact, they are quite affordable.

At Absolute Ties, you will find a wide variety of Jerry Garcia ties, ranging from holidays to everyday ties. We also carry extra long and narrow ties for all of the different styles out there.

Jerry Garcia ties are handmade from 100 percent silk high quality silk, using dyes guaranteed not to run or fade. Start a collection of Jerry Garcia silk ties soon!


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