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Friday, September 7, 2012

Clip On Neck Ties Made Easy

Aquamarine Clip On Necktie
Clip on ties are looked upon as tacky and inappropriate for special occasions, but they do offer some nice benefits. Clip on ties come in different styles, textures, fabrics and colors, and it is often difficult to tell it is not a regular tie. They are easy to put on and safer to wear in many situations.

Apply the Tie
Clip on ties are already tied in the knot and have a clip at the top that slips under the buttons of the shirt collar holding the tie in place. They are very easy and much faster to put on than to tie a regular tie. Flip up the shirt collar and fasten the top button of the shirt. Open the clip at the top of the tie and slip it behind the top button. Press firmly to secure. Starting at the back, pull the collar back down to hide the clip and adjust the knot so that the tie trails down the button line of the shirt.

Besides being faster and easier to apply, there are other benefits to clip on neckties. The knot is always neat and tidy, some men find them more comfortable because they do not constrict the neck and the tie always looks the same. They are also safer to wear than regular ties, especially for those who work with machinery. The clip on necktie will slip right off if it should become stuck in machinery or a paper shredder whereas a tied tie will cause choking or other injury. Those individuals with handicaps, such as a stroke, might not be able to use both hands to tie a tie and clip on neckties are the perfect solution to the problem.

Color Range
Clip on neckties come in a variety of colors and patterns. Solid color clip on neck ties come in a variety of colors and shades to match any trouser or suit. Solid color clip on neck ties are safe to wear with any color solid shirt or with any shirt that has a pattern or print. They also go well with any type of suit from solid black to patterned suits, like houndstooth or plaid. Ties with colored patterns go better with solid color shirts and suits.

Ties come in a range of fabrics and the most elegant is to have silk clip on ties. Silk is made from threads that come from cocoons of silk worms. Silk is very fluid and soft and silk clip on ties drape nicely down the front of a shirt. Silk can be shiny and smooth making it a perfect fabric for ties, and silk clip on ties are often more expensive that the alternative wool or polyester. Silk is hard to clean and spots or stains easily. Polyester ties often look the same as a silk tie, but do not feel as fluid and soft. Wool and knit clip on neckties are also an option.

Clip on neckties are becoming more and more popular and come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. They are more convenient and always look good.


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