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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dress To Impress

A Simple Guide For Job Interview Attire

Preparing for a job interview can prove quite nerve wracking.  What shirt should I wear?  Which tie is more appropriate for an interview?  Now you need to find the right shoes, and don't forget about accessories.  I've created a quick guide to help during these stressful situations.
     Let us begin, okay so you have a job interview coming up and want to look your very best.  When going for a job interview, you want to present the best version of yourself, wear a suit for sure.  You're going for class and sophistication not an outing for a summer bbq.  Take it seriously and put in effort, it will show, trust me.  Go with a preferably darker suit, something perhaps dark grey or navy with a white dress or light blue shirt underneath and make sure it is long sleeves even in summer.  Now for the tie!  Choose a tie that doesn't allow too much distraction keep it simple, think business conservative and wear a tie that's plain in color, dark blue, dark red or purple, something more simple & sleek.  Silk ties are a plus.  Dark socks are also an ideal addition to your interview ensemble.  What about accessories?!  Tie accessories are great to work with and create stylish additions that pull your look together.  Tie bars are helpful to ensure your tie stays in it's proper place while showing off your style and sleekness.  You also don't want to be sitting at your job interview nervously fidgeting with your tie.  Lastly, your shoes should be cleaned and polished, showered, clean and smelling fresh.  I recommend getting your outfit ready ahead of time, you don't want to be rushing around trying to quickly get everything together.  Like I said, put forth the effort, it shows the interviewer that you care about the way you present yourself and are serious about future opportunities.  Look your best, have confidence and you got this!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

No Stained Tie Left Behind

     So you got a little stain on your tie, don't panic, Absolute Ties has you covered with a handy guide to easily remove those pesky stains!  First up, if your stain is water soluble, try using setlzer, tonic, or club soda. (BLOT Only)  And if your stain is oil based, try using talcum powder, or cornstarch as soon as you possibly can if you want the best outcome/result.  Allow the powder to remain on the tie for a few hours to set.  After that you may brush it off and use a soft cloth to clean it.  You may need to repeat this process a few times depending on how badly the tie's been stained.  If these methods fail you, the next step is to give the dry cleaners a try.  Remember though, if you are ever bringing a tie to the dry cleaner be sure that you tell them not to press your ties as this can cause their rolled edges to flatten and then therefore lose their shape.  If your ties are well kept and properly maintained, they can last you a lifetime!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Style Is Eternal: A Guide to Combining Patterns

     Let's discuss coordinating ties and shirts with patterns.  Always try to remember to pair large patterns with similar ones, you want the patterns to compliment one another.  Establish your shirts dominate color; from there choose a tie that contains accents of the same color.  Don’t forget how well opposites pair together.  This is when a color wheel comes in very handy!  Colors such as purple & yellow or orange & blue are just a few examples of complementary color combinations. 
Now try pairing a solid tie with a pattern shirt, take notice of at least one of the colors in the pattern, as long as you pick a color that is found in the pattern, you will compliment your outfit.  When putting together your outfit, if you’re wearing a striped shirt and suit, do not wear a striped tie with it that is the same or larger size stripes as the shirt contains, it will be too much of an overload that will not mesh well, leaving you looking like you got dressed in the dark.  Chances are that in most cases you will be able to tell what is just simply too much and is not that flattering of a look.  If you chose a color tie that is less noticeable you will appear fashion conscious, as oppose to choosing a bolder color.  Both can work well, take some time to mix and match and get a feel for what looks like a great combination and what simply does not.
“Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.”
Charles Bukowski
     Say you’re wearing a shirt with large checks; you can wear it with a tie that perhaps contains thick stripes.  If you were to wear a pattern shirt with large checks and a tie with large checks the two patterns will clash with one another, by wearing a tie with small thin stripes or small checks, you are giving each it's own platform, this is important.  This is what shows others your great and unique sense of style.  Don’t worry about following all the “rules”.  Have some fun and come up with your own great combinations.  Once you have a better handling on pairing your shirt and tie and figuring out what colors and patterns make for a great look you will have successfully accomplished this very handy skill that not only makes you look great but feel great too.  You are given these "rules" to follow to make sure you are grasping the basics, do not neglect them though as they are very vital in educating yourself on clothing and fashion.  As you become more knowledgeable and grow more comfortable in making these decisions, you then will learn to manipulate these rules you've become so accustomed too and then you will break these rules in fabulous style!  Now get out there and try it!
“Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Need Advice Pairing Tie & Shirt?

Hello & welcome to my tie fashion blog, here we will discuss coordinating ties to create the most fashionable and stylish looks.  You need variation to create the perfect balance for the perfect look.  I wanted to start off simple with coordinating solid ties with solid shirts.  Some of you may be seasoned at this already but for those of you who are looking for some advice or are new to this whole thing, you've come to the right place and I hope I can be of help!
Choosing the right tie in coordination to an outfit can sometimes prove difficult.  A lot of factors come into play when choosing both tie and shirt for the perfect balance and look.  The goal here is to give you a better understanding of color coordinating tie and shirt, mixing and matching patterns.  It’s really just about understanding the basics of color; once you master this successfully you can become your own fashion guru!  Let’s get started!
Pairing a solid color shirt with a solid color tie is easy to do.  It’s mastering the art of mixing & matching patterns along with the understanding of basic color that one must acquire for successful fashion.  Let’s start with pairing your tie to a solid colored shirt, this is much easier to do than pairing with pattern or stripes.  Keep in mind that your tie should be darker than your shirt.  This is best when going for a conservative style.  If you want to make your look some what edgy and unique perhaps you can pair a lighter color tie with a darker color shirt.  Always remain conscious of your color choices when pairing so you don’t end up looking like a watermelon.

Keep in mind that not all colors can be combined.  Using a color wheel will be a huge help when choosing your ensemble.  Complimentary colors accentuate each other.  I highly recommend you become familiar with it if you're not already.  Seasonal modifications also play a role in choosing the appropriate color choices when pairing shirt and tie.  Remember also that you can pair basically any tie with a white shirt, they're the most versatile.  Pastel/ light/pale shades are more appropriate for the warmer months.  Rich tones also know as jewel tones because they highly resemble gemstone colors.  They contain a high level of saturation.  This makes them unique and distinct.  These “jewel tones” are great for the cooler months.  Click here to check out our selection of solid ties.  Try this out for now and next time we’ll talk about pairing patterns!  Feel free to leave comments and suggestions!

Monday, May 5, 2014

All About Tie Chains

A tie can be the perfect addition to any sharp and dapper outfit -- a top-notch accent item. When a man wears a tie, he should always make sure that it stays perfectly in place, whether for a busy work day or for a long event that goes on all night. Thankfully, a good tie chain can help him accomplish that easily. When he has a reliable tie chain on, he doesn't have to worry about his tie flying all over the place. The chain keeps the tie exactly where it's supposed to be -- securely close to his body. Like tie bars and tie clips, these chains are extremely convenient extras.

Tie chains work in an easy and straightforward manner. Putting them on isn't a complicated or time-consuming process. They consist of two separate components -- a chain and a clip. The clip fastens itself to the button on a shirt. The tie then is threaded via the chain. This helps ensure that the tie stays 100 percent in place. Not only do these chains have attractive and classic appearances, but they also do no harm. Wearing them doesn't ruin ties in any way. Note that when a person uses a tie chain the right way, his tie completely conceals the clip.

Finding these chains isn't at all hard. They can be purchased through online stores. They also can be purchased through brick and mortar shops. If a store sells formal attire for men, there's a strong chance they'll have an assortment of these chains in stock.

Many different and exciting styles of tie chains exist. Cross tie, double loop, single loop, rope style and tie bar style are just a few noteworthy examples. Many of these chains are equipped with features such as circular cross pendants. Typical colors for these chains are both silver and gold. They sometimes appear in black, too, although that isn't quite as common.

Importantly, these chains don't have to be expensive. A man doesn't have to break the bank to get a quality tie chain. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Solid Colored Suspenders

Suspenders, in one style or another, have been a male accessory for several centuries. The design that people are most familiar with today has been accredited to an 1820 fashion invention by the Englishman, Albert Thurston, whose self named suspender manufacturing firm remains in business to this day. Fifty-one years later in America, a US patent was given to Samuel Clemens, the famous author Mark Twain, for his version of suspenders called Adjustable and Detachable Straps for Garments.

Suspenders, as a clothing staple of the male population, became less popular during World War I when the soldiers wore belts with their uniforms. For the past century suspenders have come and gone as a part of the male wardrobe. Currently, there is a larger revival of suspenders than ever seen before with both men and women wearing this clothing accessory.

In England, suspenders are called Braces, whether they have metal clip endings or buttonhole endings. In America, Suspenders is the name for the straps that have metal clips and Braces is the name used to define the straps that have leather buttonhole endings that attach to buttons sewn into the waistband of trousers. Modern technology has also come to the suspender world with non-metallic clips that allow the wearer to pass through metal detectors used for building and airport security checkpoints. There are also over-sized non-metallic clips that allow someone to wear suspenders secured over a belt.

Solid colored suspenders, in both the X and Y back styles, are being worn everyday for all occasions. Suspenders are available in a variety of fabrics that include silk for business and formal wear and more sturdy materials for heavy duty work and for sports. Suspenders, available in a range of widths from ¾ inch to 2 inches, enable the wearer to dress up or down an outfit to accommodate casual or evening wear. Whatever clothing style an event calls for, there is a pair of solid colored suspenders to enhance the outfit.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Clip-On Pre-Tied Bow Ties

There are many fashions that come and go with time. For a while suspenders were popular. Hats for men and women have been popular in the past as well. At different times throughout history, different articles of clothing and accessories have been fashionable and popular. One article of men's clothing that has never gone out of style is the bow tie. Now more than ever, bow ties are super fashionable and are being worn by all the most popular celebrities and movie stars.

The trouble with bow ties for some men is that they can be hard to tie. There are several different types of bow ties, so some have a different way of being tied than others. For example, some bow ties are tied the old-fashioned way, But there are new ways to tie bow ties as well. For those individuals who do not know how to tie their own bow ties but still want to be fashionable and wear them, there is an answer to this problem.

Clip-on Pre-Tied Bow Ties are all the rage right now. For those people who do not know what Clip-on Pre-Tied Bow Ties are, they are bow ties that look just like regular bow ties, but they are pretty tied, meaning there is no tying necessary. The boys or guys who wear them can simply clip them on under the collar of their shirt, and voila! They have an instant bow tie that looks just like one that has been painstakingly tied by hand.

These types of bow ties come in very handy especially for young boys or young men who have not yet learned how to tie their own bow ties. They come in many different colors, sizes, and styles. For those who are interested in purchasing these bow ties, they can be found in some brick and mortar stores as well as on many websites online. It is a good idea to have several different styles, patterns, and colors of the bow ties, so that when an occasion comes up where a bow tie would be necessary, there are many different options to choose from.